What Happened to Jamerrill Stewart? Is She All Fine Now?

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what happened to jamerrill stewart

What happened to Jamerrill Stewart? Salutations, acquaintances! Jamerrill Stewart extends a warm welcome to those who have chosen to join her on this platform.

For individuals who find joy in diverse activities, Jamerrill Stewart’s social media accounts are undeniably the ideal destination.

In her role as a mother of 9, Jamerrill unveils her aspirations and visions, having dedicated over two decades to extensive culinary pursuits, overseeing 18 years of homeschooling, and prospering as a successful online business mom for twelve years.

Over the course of thirteen years on YouTube (joined 2010), she meticulously chronicles her comprehensive to-do list on the whiteboard, providing insights into significant batch cooking endeavors such as extensive freezer meals, colossal food preservation, substantial family meals, and various other facets sourced from their tranquil homestead.

The channel also delves into household and family ventures within their 1963 rambler, encompassing upcoming renovations.

Periodically, journeys are undertaken, inviting viewers to share in the experiences, while on other occasions, the channel features in-depth sessions of organization,cleaning and extended conversations. She also calls herself chatty!

 Laughter and authentic maternal anecdotes form a constant backdrop on this channel, as Jamerrill Stewart shares her maternal journey with her audience!!

What Happened to Jamerrill Stewart?

Alright, mates! So, Jamerrill Stewart, who’s a bit of a big deal in the lifestyle scene, recently went through a tough time. She spilled the beans in a vid called “What’s Going on Here???” on her YouTube channel, where she laid it all out about her ongoing mental health struggles. Some of her fans were a bit worried about her, but she made it clear that the issues weren’t connected to a miscarriage she had in the summer of 2023.

Turns out, she went through a proper rough patch in August and is now dealing with what she calls “secondary trauma.” It’s done a number on her creativity and hit her business hard, even cost her some sponsorships. She’s said she needs a bit of time off to focus on getting back on track, making it clear she’s not doing all right at the moment.

Also, her husband Travis was arrested by Virginia Police with “ASSAULT & BATTERY-FAM MEMBER” charge against him. Eventually, according to the reports he assaulted his son, Benjamin (a minor) and charges were pressed by Jamerrill herself. You can read this article for more information regarding the same:

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Jamerrill Stewart Now: Is She Fine?

Yes, she’s absolutely fine and she on December 19, 2023 took her Instagram and posted pictures. Allow us to quote her exactly, so that you get all the vibes she’s getting right now on her new reel!

“It was really fun yesterday to run my first 5K race, the Jingle Bell 5K! I’ve been running 3Ks & 5Ks alone in my driveway in the very early morning or late evening hours. Or, once or twice a week depending on family activities, I’ve been able to run at the indoor track. Running with almost 600 people is very different! I loved it!! 🙌🏻 I am signed up for several more 5Ks this winter and I’m thrilled about it.

Yesterday, I came in at my personal best time which was 38.05 by my watch and 37.48 by the races runner tracker. Running alone I could not get my time down below 41 minutes. Thank you for encouraging me on my running journey. I’ve always been a runner in my heart. Now we’re doing the thing. 🎉🎉🎉 #svruns #JamerrillRunning #JamerrillStewart”


What is Jamerrill Stewart net worth?

By November 2023, Jamerrill Stewart’s net worth will have risen to over $950k thanks to her revenue from brand marketing. However, it reached $1 million at this point.

Who is Jamerrill Stewart husband?

Travis Stewart is the spouse of Jamerrill Stewart. The pair also had nine children together. Travis was detained and released on bond after being accused of abusing a minor, according to the Virginia judiciary. We’ll keep you informed as the case proceeds.

Who are in the Jamerrill Stewart family?

Jamerrill Stewart once hit a deer and for that she had to call towing services. Her back and neck got injured. She talked about this on a video titled, “We could’ve died.”

What is Jamerrill’s Other Trauma?

Jamerrill who frequently posts on her YT once stopped posting for many days. She revealed that she had a serious trauma in August that led to a second trauma. Hysterectomy is one factor that has been speculated to be related to marital problems. Following her sudden stop and loss of sponsorships, many have questioned what kind of August trauma she experienced and how that has affected her income.

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