Editorial Policy

Fame Mingles is a dedicated website which intend to provide celebrity news, their lifestyle, net worth and much more along with spoilers, plots and release date of your daily entertainment dose! Our main idea behind all this is to entertain people with whatever we can and provide them with as much as useful information at this one place only – Fame Mingles.

Editorial Independence and Transparency

At Fame Mingles, we believe in editorial independence and transparency. There can be no journalism without proper transparency and honesty of its editors. Therefore, we make it very much sure that none of our editorial decisions depend on any kind of sponsorship, paid events, advertising or external stakeholders. We do not offer any sponsored content on our website.

Fairness, Accuracy, and Objectivity

Any piece of content is worthless until its fact-checked by experts and team. We at Fame Mingles, believe in fact-checking a particular content using various resource we have, before we publish them on our website. Each article we publish goes through a series of assessments at various levels before we provide them to the readers.

Conflict of Interest

Writers at Fame Mingles are independent, and are asked to disclose their financial or emotional interests regarding the content they’re writing. We make it very sure that every content should not include any biased opinion and should not include and personal interest of any or our team members. In this way, we win the trust of your audience.

Are We Accepting Any Guest Content?

Currently, Fame Mingles is only relying on its hired editorial team, for every content it publishes. We are not accepting any guest posts, anonymous submissions as they might not be beneficial for our users and will contribute to spam on the website.

Our Financial Model

At Fame Mingles, we generate revenue through advertising only. We do not offer any guest posts or sponsored content. Our financial model does not influence our editorial content and we make it sure that it doesn’t degrades our users’ experience.

Contact Us

If you have any query or questions regarding our editorial policy, you can simply mail either at [email protected] or our Senior Editor Devashish Sharma at [email protected]. You can write us at D-101 Officer City 1, R.N. Extension, Ghaziabad, UP – 201017.

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