Jamerrill Stewart Husband Updates, Trauma, and Miscarriage: 5 Interesting Facts

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jamerrill stewart husband

Jamerrill Stewart Husband: What’s up with him?

Update: Recently, It has been found that Travis Stewart has been charged with “ASSAULT & BATTERY-FAM MEMBER” on 08/24/2023 as mentioned on Virginia Judiciary website. (Case #: JA027360-01-00). The following “Warrant of Arrest” by Commonwealth of Viriginia clears it, that complaint by registered by Jamerrill herself against his husband regarding violation of Section 18.2-57.2 (assaulting his 6 year old son, Benjamin). Reportedly, this incident happened a few days after Travis’ father’s funeral in August. As per the records Travis has been released to a parent or responsible adult.

jamerrill stewart husband arrest warrantPin
Original Arrest Warrant for Travis Stewart, complainant, Jamerrill D. Stewart

Jamerrill Stewart married her high school sweetheart Travis Stewart in July, 1998. Travis and Jamerrill, both worked at a call center when they met each other. Together, they are the parents of nine kids: Zion, Naomi, Jadin, Liam, Amelia, Daniel, Gabriel, Benjamin, Tobin born in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2021 respectively. Travis also used to help Jamerrill cook in some of her YouTube videos.

Jamerrill’s Trauma and What’s Up with Her?

Recently, Jamerrill posted a YouTube video, expressing her grief, regarding the recent loss of sponsorships and financial mis-management. She also mentioned her miscarriage she had in the summer of 2023, but said its not what’s bothering her. Netizens on Reddit mentioned that she no longer wears her wedding ring for a few videos now, which means something is wrong with their marriage.

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Jamerrill Stewart garnered overnight fame for her YouTube channel “Jamerrill Stewart” where she posts about cooking, purchasing groceries, and family vlogs. On YouTube, she currently has thousands of subscribers. Her fans are curious about her relationship status, wiki, net worth and everything.

Take heart! For you, we have everything. Learn more about Jamerrill Stwart husband, family, kids, upbringing, and a lot more inspiring information by scrolling down. Section by section, we went over everything in depth.

FAKE NEWS ALERT: In this article, it has been claimed that Travis Stewart is no more. This news has no source and has not been fact-checked. Its true that Travis has lost his father in August 2023 and the family attended his funeral ceremony, but Travis is absolutely fine and alive. We’d request you not to believe any such information. Also, this obituary has nothing to do with Jamerrill Stewart Husband.

Jamerrill Stewart Wiki

Jamerrill started blogging in 2011. On a simple hobby blog, she showed her family members photos from family vacations. At that time, she also began gathering data for a Facebook page for homeschoolers. Along the way, she discovered that she was reading many other blogs on homeschooling.

Thus, in 2011, she started the Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling blog, where she received over 3,000 daily visitors and had over 10,000 fans on her page by the summer of that year.

She also published a ton of excellent information. To continue providing her readers with substance, she published a couple of times a week. Although she had no set timetable, she frequently wrote.


Jamerrill Stewart: YouTube Career

In 2014, Jamerrill launched her YouTube career when she, her husband, and their kids started the “Jamerrill Stewart, Large Family Table” channel. She began posting Vlogs on shopping, parenting, homeschooling, and cooking.

She published her debut video, “Vlog Intro: Homeschooling, Motherhood, and Family Life,” in the same year. Thousands of individuals have already viewed the video. Jamerrill’s popularity on YouTube rose as a consequence of her excellent content, outstanding clips, and hard work.

She currently has 370k or more YouTube subscribers. As her profile as a Youtuber and social media celebrity has risen, Jamerrill has served as the face of numerous sports, cosmetics, cuisines, clothing, skincare, and electronics companies. She has additionally been highlighted in numerous fashion and entertainment magazines due to her popularity as a YouTuber.

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Jamerrill Stewart Content Type

Followers discover they come to the right place when they want greens in their recipe and are looking for some quick meals to make, thanks to Jamerrill, who posts regular recipes on her Facebook page. Her recipes are not only delicious but also very healthy, so check out her videos if you’re hungry for more information.

Her worthy, creative and engaging content throughout her socials keeps her one of the most searched personalities on the internet. Jamerrill advises on how to shop at stores and shares daily activity with her 100k+ Instagram followers. She quickly came to fame thanks to her candid reviews and upbeat attitude, which also attracted the curiosity of the Instagram community.

Jamerrill Stewart: Age, Height, and Weight

In a few months, Jamerrill Stewart will turn 41. She is 63 kgs (138.89 lbs) and has a height of 5′ 6″ (167.64 cm). Her blonde locks and brown eyes add to her beauty. She maintains her form with measurements of 36 inches at the breast, 28 inches at the waist, and 37 inches at the hips since she is very concerned about her health.

Jamerrill Stewart Net Worth

Jamerrill Stewart’s income from brand marketing is predicted to increase her net worth to over $950k by 2023.  

Jamerrill Stewart Family and Education

Jamerrill was born and raised in the United States, just like her relatives and close companions. Before entering into a prestigious nursing school, she completed her elementary education in an area institution.

At this time, she hasn’t made any specific statements about her siblings or parents on social media or in public. Still, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we hear anything significant. To note more, Jamerrill hasn’t yet revealed who her parents are. But we do know that her mother rides horses and still competes at the age of 70. Her dad worked as a mechanic.

Her father was an alcoholic who was in and out of mental hospitals, so she had a difficult childhood. She was only 13 years old when her father committed suicide. She is her parents’ lone kid. Also, you would be happy to know that she was a horse racer in her teens.

Jamerrill Stewart Interesting Facts:

  •  She enjoys cooking dishes from other cuisines.
  •  Jamerrill is a devotee of Christianity.
  • In 2014, she began posting videos on her YouTube channel about homeschooling, cooking, and grocery shopping.
  • Jamerrill’s popularity on YouTube rose as a consequence of her excellent content, outstanding motion pictures, and hard work.
  • She has many beauty and culture magazine features and currently has over 370k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Social Media Profiles


What does Jamerrill Stewart do?

Jamerril Stewart is a full time YouTuber and posts Vlogs from her daily life including shopping, cooking, etc.

Is Jamerrill Stewart Religious?

Yes, she follows Christianity.

What does Jamerrill Stewart’s husband do for an income?

To help with the upbringing of his children, he quit his career and decided to stay at home. We can infer the couple make money from their websites through affiliate marketing, AdSense, and freebie referrals.

Was Jamerrill’s husband Travis ever arrested?

Yes, as per Virginia Judiciary, Travis was arrested for assaulting a juvenile and was release on bail. We’ll update you as the case proceeds.

What was Jamerrill’s trauma?

Jamerrill Stewart has suffered alot in 2023, a miscarriage, loss of sponsorship and viewership on her cooking YouTube channel, and his husband Travis, got arrested. She referred it to as “secondary trauma” in a YouTube video titled “What’s Going on Here???🤷‍♀️

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