Vigilante Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Recap and More

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Vigilante Season 2 Release Date

Will there be a Vigilante Season 2? When will it come out? You’ll find the latest information about Vigilante Season 2 Release Date in this article. So, read on.

Who doesn’t love a power-packed action thriller? Screened at the 28th Busan International Film Festival on October 2023, Vigilante has become a fan favourite. It is based on the Naver webtoon by Kim Gyu-sam and revolves around a vigilante played by Nam Joo-hook. Vigilante Season 1 was released recently, and fans are waiting for the next season.

Vigilante Season 2 Release Date 

 The production house behind the Studio N and Beyond Story series has yet to share any updates on the Vigilante Season 2 Release Date. However, we must consider the prospect of this exciting vengeance series getting a second season. The first part of the series, eight episodes, went live this November. The release of Vigilante Season 2 could occur around 2025 or later. It will require some time to craft the ideal script before the release of season 2.

Vigilante Season 2: Streaming Platform 

At first, Vigilante Season 1 was screened at the On Screen section of the 28th Busan International Film Festival. After it was made available on Disney+ and Hulu, Vigilante Season 2 will also be released on Disney+ and Hulu. With a subscription, you’ll get to watch it. 

Vigilante Season 2: Cast 

Actors from Vigilante Season 1 will reprise their roles in the second season. There can be additional characters, which we will get to know once there are any updates.

Nam Joo HyukKim Ji Yong
Yoo Ji TaeCho Heon
Kim So JinChoi Mi Ryeo
Lee Joon HyukCho Kang Ok
Kim Chul YoonKoo Sung Ryeol
Kim Bum SukChoi Jun Sik
Woo Jung KookJeong Deok Heung
Kwon Hae HyoLee Joon Yeob [Professor]
Kim Hak SeonCaptain Eun
Lee Seo HwanKwak Chang Hyun

Vigilante Season 2: Plot Summary 

There will be more exciting episodes in Vigilante Season 2. The current season might end on a cliffhanger and carry over into Season 2.

Season 2 will explore a different storyline as well. We will update you on the probable plot of Season 2 as soon as any updates are available. 

Vigilante Season 1: Recap 

Vigilante, a webtoon adapted by Kim Gyu-sam, takes us inside the mind of a committed police academy student. During the day, he carefully follows the law, trying to be a model student in the eyes of his teachers and peers. That is, until nightfall when something interesting happens.

He takes on the identity of a “vigilante” in the shadows, someone motivated by a sense of justice. He can track down and punish criminals who have escaped the legal system through his undercover work. The story follows a series of murders in a brutal manner.

Vigilante is a highly captivating Korean drama series featuring an outstanding cast. Looking at the audience response, there are chances of a second season. We’ll cover any fresh information on Vigilante as soon as it becomes available.


Where can I watch Vigilante Kdrama? 

You can watch Vigilante Kdrama on Disney+ and Hulu.

How many episodes does Vigilante season 1 have? 

Vigilante Season 1 has eight episodes.

What is the IMDb rating of vigilante drama?

Vigilante kdrama has an IMDb rating of 7.7. 

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