Chained Soldier English Dub Release Date, Storyline & More

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Chained Soldier English Dub Release Date

This gem started airing in the Winter 2024 season. Chained Soldier is no ordinary anime; it’s a straight-up action-packed dark fantasy rollercoaster. And the Chained Soldier English dub is here for fans around the world!

The anime drop was like a feast for manga heads, delivering on the hype. Yuuki, our main dude fresh out of college, goes on a little adventure, gets lost in the sauce, and who swoops in to save the day? Kyouka is a total badass. But here’s the twist – now Yuuki’s gotta work for her. Talk about a plot twist, right?

If you’re itching for the English dub of Chained Soldier, craving the deets on where to binge-watch it, and hungry for the spoilers, you’re in the right place. This article’s got the whole scoop – read on till the end, and let’s dive into the Otaku life together!

Chained Soldier English Dub Insight


Chained Soldier

Alternative Title:

Mato Seihei no Slave


1 Season


Currently 5 Episodes

Country of Origin:



Japanese (Original)


Ação, Animação, Romance, Fantasia

Production Company:

Seven Arcs 


Yume Miyamoto, Akari Kitô, Yuya Hirose 


Yuta Takamura, Kazunobu Fusegi


Kohta Yamamoto 

Chained Soldier English Dub Release Date:

Thursday, January 4, 2024 

Available on  


Chained Soldier Storyline

After learning the Chained Soldier English Dub release date, it is time to learn about the storyline! Starting with the land of the rising sun, these portals to another realm, Mato, start popping up like fireworks. In this alternate dimension, these beastly creatures, the Shuuki, throw down with Earth’s residents. Now, there’s this mystical thingamajig inside these gateways called a “peach,” and when the ladies munch on it, bam! Magical powers galore.

It’s a topsy-turvy world where the gals take the reins. Enter Yuuki Wakura, fresh out of high school, just strolling through a gate one day, as you do. And who does he bump into? Kyouka Uzen, the big shot leading the 7th squad of the Demon Defense Force.

Kyouka’s got this wild ability to “enslave” Shuuki and ride them into battle – talk about turning the tables! With Shuuki swarming around her like bees to honey, she turns to Yuuki for help. And what does he do? Agrees to be her “slave” – cue the dramatic music! Together, they kick Shuuki’s butt left and right. But hold up, there’s a catch – while Kyouka can use Yuuki’s body, she has a hand over a prize, usually something tangible.

Now, Yuuki’s not just a regular guy; he’s Kyouka’s nurse, supporting her dream of becoming the Supreme Commander.  

Chained Soldier English Dub Available

Brace yourselves because on January 4, 2024, the first season of Chained Soldier English Dub, a heavyweight in the English anime dub scene, dropped for the masses!

Watch the Chained Soldier English dub

Big news – Chained Soldier’s English dub is now up for streaming on HIDIVE with a subscription! And get this – English subtitles are a given, tailored to your region, right as it hits the airwaves. 

Chained Soldier English Dub Characters

Character Voice Actor

Azuma, Himari Yume Miyamoto

Ookawamura, Nei Hina Tachibana

Uzen, Kyouka Akari Kitou

Suruga, Shushu Mari Hino

Wakura, Yuuki Yuuya Hirose

Bizen, Ginna Yuuri Yoshida

Azuma, Yachiho Nene Hieda

Hattori Kentarou Tone

Wakura, Aoba Tomori Kusunoki

Izumo, Tenka Maaya Uchida

Wakasa, Sahara Reina Ueda

So, buckle up, follow the hype, and get ready for an epic ride with The Chained Soldier, Chained Soldier Season 1, The Chained Soldier series.

Who stars in Chained Soldier Season 1?

Yuya Hirose, Akari Kitô, and Yume Miyamoto shine brightly in the stellar cast of Chained Soldier. Epic!

What is the Genre of Chained Soldier Season 1?

Chained Soldier Season 1 packs a punch with genres: Animation, Action, Fantasy, and Romance

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