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unexpected season 6 release date

TLC’s Unexpected has been in the popular radar for quite a long time. Revolving around issues like teenage pregnancy, parental relationships, emotional struggles, societal stereotypes, 2017 TV show “Unexpected” is a much-loved show. The program debuted in 2017, and it was renewed for a fifth season following four successful seasons. The last season of Unexpected released in March, 2022. It’s been over a year now and “Unexpected” fans are waiting for some updates about the next season. So, is Unexpected Season 6 coming out? Or is it on hold? Read on, to know what lies ahead.

Unexpected Season 6 Release Date

To say that Unexpected is a blockbuster series with no hate and criticism would be wrong. Dealing with controversial topics such as teen pregnancy, Unexpected received mixed reviews from audiences. While some think that the show glorifies teen pregnancy and can influence young minds, for others it is a great show portraying how difficult it may be to navigate each aspect of being a teen mother.

Everyone has been waiting for TLC’s confirmation on Unexpected Season 6 Release Date but it seems like we are just left to hope and make our own speculations at this point of time. More than a year has passed and there is no information about Unexpected Season 6 Release Date. Owing to the show’ high popularity we can hope to get a new season some time in 2024. However, these are just mere predictions.

Unexpected Season 6: Streaming Platform

Initially Unexpected released on TLC (The Learning Channel), an American cable TV channel. Every Sunday at 10 pm TLC would air one brand new episode of Unexpected. Unexpected is now available to watch on fuboTV or Discovery+. Unexpected is available for rental or purchase on Google Play, Amazon, and Vudu. It might not be accessible in your country due to geo-blocking. In that case you can use a VPN.

Unexpected Season 6: Cast

The cast of Unexpected is huge. Each season saw some new teen moms and her families coming up. Cast member confirmations for Unexpected’s sixth season have not yet been made public. We’re not sure who might be in the cast of Unexpected Season 6 because TLC hasn’t disclosed the show’s release date yet.

Unexpected Season 6: Plot Summary

There has been no formal announcement regarding the sixth season. However, Lilly Bennett and Lawrence might get married in the sixth season. Jenna and JJ will grow their connection along with co-parenting with Aden. Along with that Nate and Emalee, whose name hasn’t been revealed can welcome their first child.

Unexpected Socials

Unexpected Season 5: Recap

Three couples return, joined by two new ones in Unexpected Season 5. It’s early in their 20s for some of the mothers, and they begin to carve their jobs and positions in society. More of Tyra and Alex’s turmoil is seen. Season 5 also saw Emersyn and Mason, as well as Kylen and Jason, as new couples who deal with the stress of parenthood.

The release date for Unexpected Season 6 is unknown. The decision on whether to renew or cancel Unexpected has not yet been made public by TLC. Nonetheless, considering the mostly favourable ratings of the current fifth season, the consensus of critics and audiences, it appears that Unexpected Season 6 is about to premiere. We’ll update this page as soon as the Unexpected release date or real status is disclosed. Check back for updates. Stay tuned for updates!


How many seasons of TLC Unexpected are there?

There are 5 seasons of TLC Unexpected.

What was the last episode of Unexpected?

The last episode of Unexpected was “Tell All Part 2”. It was episode 15 of Season 5.

When did season 5 of Unexpected come out?

Season 5 of Unexpected came out on March 6.

How can I watch Unexpected Season 5?

Unexpected Season 5 is available to watch on Discovery +.

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