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nagatoro season 3 release date

For fans of romance, comedy, and teenage relationships, an anime which is a must watch is “Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro“. It is a Japanese manga, written and illustrated by Nanashi, which has recently been adapted into an anime series. The story revolves around the interactions between the two high school students, Naoto Hachioji and Hayase Nagatoro. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro debuted on April, 2021. The second season was released in January, 2023. The unique blend of humour, and subtle romance has garnered a dedicated fan base who are eagerly waiting for Season 3. When is the Nagatoro Season 3 Release Date? Come, let’s find out.

Nagatoro Season 3 Release Date

The success and positive reviews on Nagatoro Season 2 make the renewal of the series a sure thing. But information regarding the renewal of Nagatoro Season 3 is not known yet. Moreover, it would be a little early of us to expect anything from the makers. There was a break of somewhat one and a half years between the release of the first two seasons. Thus, we can expect a Nagatoro Season 3: Release Date in the first quarter of 2025.

Nagatoro Season 3: Streaming Platform

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro was shown on Tokyo MX and other stations from April 11 to June 27, 2021. Outside of Southeast Asia, the series is licensed by Crunchyroll. If you are from India you can stream it for free with ads in Crunchyroll.

Nagatoro Season 3: Cast

In an anime adaptation voice artists play an important role. The onus lies on them to bring out the reality of the character through their voice. In this anime the VAs have done commendable work. The original VAs might return in Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Season 3 as there were no changes in both Season 1 and 2. The main characters and the respective voice artists are listed below:

Character NameActor
Hayase NagatoroSumire Uesaka
Naoto HachiojiDaiki Yamashita as
OriharaKaori Maeda
YosshiiAina Suzuki
GamobychanMikako Komatsu
SunomiyaSayumi Suzushiro
Art Club PresidentNana Mizuki
AnetoroYoshino Nanjō
SakuraShiori Izawa

Nagatoro Season 3: Plot Summary

Nagatoro Season 3 might take up from where Season 2 ended. Nagatoro and Senpai’s love story will take an interesting turn where Senpai will try to confess his love to Nagatoro. But will he succeed? That we need to find out when Season 3 releases.

Nagatoro Season 2: Recap

Hayase Nagatoro, a junior in high school, starts making fun of and taunting high school student Naoto Hachioji. Hachioji (Senpai) is shy and makes an effort to avoid her as much as possible. But as she persists, their encounters grow over time into a special and intricate bond.

Don’t toy with me Miss Nagatoro keeps getting better with time. It has received an overall 7.5 rating in both IMDB and MyAnimeList. If you love romantic comedy genre with skillfully crafted it’s an absolute must-watch. There’s no official confirmation about Don’t toy with me Miss Nagatoro Season 3 yet, so we have to just wait for it now.


Will there be a 3rd season of nagatoro?

Yes, the probability of a third season is high because of the success of the two previous seasons. Moreover, there is enough source material left now to cover another season.

Who is nagatoro in love with?

Nagatoro is in love with one of her shy classmates Naoto Hachioji.

Is Miss Nagatoro a romance?

The genre of Miss Nagatoro anime is romantic comedy.

How many episodes will nagatoro have?

As there were 12 episodes each in Season 1 and 2, we can’t expect the same 12 episodes in Season 3 as well.

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