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el cid season 3 release date

We are about to reveal the much anticipated release date for El Cid Season 3. So, get ready for a journey back to the medieval era. Those who enjoy historical dramas, can celebrate!

El Cid aired its first season in 2020 and it has been two years since we last saw Season 2. The show has a compelling storytelling, historical backdrop which is very rich, and some well grown characters. Makers of the show have left the audience with some incomplete plotlines and mysteries which has led to huge anticipation and curiosity among fans.

El Cid Season 3 Release Date

The first season of El Cid premiered on December 18, 2020 and the next on July 15, 2021. After season 2 of El Cid ended back in 2021 fans were not happy to see that the show did not make a return with a Season 3 in 2022. It’s been two years now and fans are still waiting for a word confirming El Cid Season 3 to know what happens next. However, there are no words from the makers regarding any update about the same. Hence, we are left with only speculating the plot of El Cid Season 3 by ourselves.

El Cid Season 3: Streaming Platform

El Cid , the captivating historical drama was released on the streaming giant Amazon Prime. The show is an Amazon Prime Originals which takes the audience to the mediaeval age of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the legendary Castilian nobleman. Both Season 1 and 2 of El Cid released on Amazon Prime. Thus, we can hope that the upcoming seasons will also be streamed on Amazon Prime. However, there are no words till now, not from the streaming giant nor the show makers about the show’s future.

El Cid Season 3: Cast

El Cid’s ensemble cast is exceptional, featuring some truly remarkable actors. Since the release date for El Cid season 3 is unknown, it is impossible to comment on the cast. Although it is likely that the former members will return to their respective roles. Some well known faces from the Spanish entertainment business are there in the show. José Luis García Pérez as Ferdinand, Lucía Guerrero as Jimena, Elia Galera as Queen Sancha, and Jaime Lorente as Ruy and many more.

El Cid Season 3: Plot Summary

With no new updates about the show fans have been speculating about Season E’s probable plotline. El Cid’s third season will pick up where the second one left off. We can see that Ruy is opposing his monarch, which will form the main focus of the season.

El Cid Season 1: Recap

In Season 1 of “El Cid,” viewers witness the rise of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar from a young and ambitious nobleman to the hero who came to be known as El Cid. The series highlights Rodrigo’s loyalty to both Christian and Muslim leaders, his love for Jimena and many more. The season ends in Rodrigo’s exile, which sets the stage for what is about to define El Cid’s legacy.

As days pass the excitement and anticipation for El Cid Season 3 builds among fans. El Cid Season 3 will be one great journey back to the mediaeval age with elic battles and terrific plotlines. Here’s to the anticipation and the promise of another fantastic season!


How many seasons of El Cid are there?

There are two seasons of El Cid.

Is El Cid based on a real person?

Yes, El Cid is based on the true story of
Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar who was a hero in Spanish history.

Where was the El Cid TV series filmed?

The series was filmed in the province of Soria

What does el cid mean?

Ans: El Cid means ‘lord’ or ‘master’.

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