Who is Ken Meares Married to? Intriguing Revelations!

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who is ken meares married to

Great HealthWorks CEO Ken Meares has harnessed the power of the green-lipped mussel in New Zealand to create OmegaXL, a super oil in pill form. This mussel, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, is very effective; DHA and EPA, two important fatty acids, have been discovered to be 20 and 17 times more potent than regular fish oil.

Ken, at 58, started Omega XL in 2003. He’s also the founder of Great HealthWorks and a former professional weightlifter, who saw the potential of mussels. Celebrities like Terry Bradshaw, Taylor Dayne and Courtney Cox attest to its efficacy in reducing inflammation and advancing well-being.

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Who is Ken Meares Married to?

Who is Ken Meares married to? Many sources say that Ken Meares is married to Dr. Sharon McQuillan, founder of The Ageless Aesthetic Institute. But it’s unverified. Maybe they’re having an ongoing affair. Ken is married to Martha Ann Mears. Are they planning for a divorce? That we still don’t know.

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Ken Meares Overview

Ken Meares Personal Background

  • American CEO, founder, and businessman of Great Healthworks.
  • Accomplished personal trainer and bodybuilder.

Ken Meares Brief Bio

  • Born in the United States.
  • Early interest in bodybuilding, fitness, health, and gym workouts.
  • Military service for four years after high school.
  • Maintained a solid reputation in the bodybuilding sector since the 90s.

Ken Meares Social Media

Ken Meares Early Career

  • Local recognition as a talented athlete and fitness guru.
  • Worked at Gold’s Gym in various capacities: customer service, personal training, sales.
  • Founded and managed his first fitness and bodybuilding gym.
  • Showed passion for fitness and entrepreneurship.


  • Expanded expertise into the wellness and health product industry.
  • Founded Great HealthWorks in 2003.
  • Became one of the biggest vertically integrated direct-to-consumer firms in the U.S.

Known for the revolutionary product, OmegaXL.

Ken Meares OmegaXL

  • OmegaXL: A unique mix of over thirty healthful fatty acids is included in this omega-3 joint health supplement.
  • Promoted as improving millions of consumers’ lives.
  • Distribution center and corporate headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Ken Meares Net Worth

  • Self-made millionaire.
  • Main source of wealth: Great Healthworks.
  • Philosophy of the company: customer satisfaction, caring, respect and loyalty.
  • In 2016, it reported shipping more than 2 million bottles of OmegaXL a year.
  • Products popularized by celebrities.
  • Estimated net worth 2024: $7 million.
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Ken Meares Awards And Contributions

  • Received awards for contributions to health supplements, fitness & health, and bodybuilding.
  • Philanthropist favoring favorite charities.
  • Named a member of the Executive Cabinet for the AHA of Broward County’s 2010 Heart Ball – Heart Society.

Ken Meares Fitness And Philanthropy

  • Encourages many to take control of their wellness and health.
  • Passionate about assisting needy people live a better life.
  • Active and enjoys outdoor activities and sports.

Ken Meares Age, Height And Weight

  • Age 2024: 79 years old.
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in/ 170 cm
  • Weight: 78 kg/171 lbs


Who is Ken Meares CEO?

Ken Mears is the founder and owner of OmegaXL and Great Healthworks.

Ken is the owner of OmegaXL.

Great HealthWorks generates a revenue of $135.0 million per year.

Who owns Great HealthWorks?

Ken Mears owns Great HealthWorks.

Is Ken Meares still alive ?

Yes Ken is still very much alive.

Who is Ken Mears married to?

Ken is still married to Martha Ann Mears. Ken is seen clicking pictures with Dr. Sharon, Paris Hilton and more but that doesn’t imply they’re having an affair.

What is Ken Meares’ net worth?

Ken enjoys a net worth of $7 million as of 2024.

How old is Ken Meares?

Ken is 79 years old as of 2024.

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