What Did Sutton Tennyson Do for a Living? Success and Struggles

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what did sutton tennyson do for a living

American businessman Sutton Tennyson has a complicated past that includes involvement in several US companies and a history of criminal activity. He has been arrested multiple times throughout the years in relation to different crimes. Tragically, on a Saturday afternoon, the Atlanta Police Department discovered him deceased in his home garage, bearing multiple gunshot wounds. The circumstances surrounding his passing are certainly distressing and serve as a reminder of the complexities in one’s life journey. What did Sutton Tennyson do for a living? Let’s find that in our next point.

What Did Sutton Tennyson Do for a Living

Businessman Sutton Tennyson is the owner of numerous companies in the USA. Tennyson has a lengthy criminal past as well, having been arrested several times for different offenses.

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Sutton Tennyson: Net Worth

At the time of his passing, Sutton Tennyson’s estimated net worth was reported to be around 500,000 USD. This figure provides insight into his financial standing at that time.

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Sutton Tennyson: Death

He was found dead in his garage with multiple gunshot wounds, earlier on Saturday afternoon by the Atlanta Police Department. Because of Tennyson’s prior criminal activity, a lot of people believed that was an act of retaliation. On the night he was shot to death, there had been multiple gunshots heard in his locality.

Sutton Tennyson: Wife & Son

Angela Simmons is a familiar face in the reality television show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ and is known for being the daughter of the legendary Run D.M.C.’s Rev. Beyond her television career, Angela is recognized for her positive body image advocacy, frequently sharing empowering images and posts on her social media accounts.

From her relationship with Sutton Tennyson, they have a son named SJ. Angela has expressed that SJ serves as a meaningful reminder of the love she shared with Sutton, keeping his memory alive in their hearts.

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Tennyson Height & Weight in Time of Death

Tennyson weighed 154 pounds and was 5 feet 8 inches tall. He had black hair and eyes, and his figure was generally considered to be healthy.

Sutton Tennyson: Obituary

On Nov 10th, Sutton Tennyson’s funeral took place at the Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States.


What happened to Sutton Tennyson?

Tragically, Sutton Tennyson, the businessman with a criminal past, passed away. The Atlanta Police Department discovered him dead in his own garage, having sustained several gunshot wounds. Because of his criminal past and the circumstances surrounding his death, there have been rumors of potential retaliation.

How old was Sutton Tennyson?

Just before his 38th birthday, Sutton Tennyson was 37 years old when he passed away.

What did Sutton Tennyson do for a living?

Sutton was well-known as a businessman in the US and had several companies.

Who is Sutton Tenyson father?

The identity of Sutton Tennyson’s father is still a mystery. The official stakeholder in his father’s company is Sutton Joseph Tennyson, son of the late Sutton Tennyson and Angela Simmons.

How did Sutton Tennyson die?

Sutton Tennyson had several gunshot wounds, and on the night of his death, multiple gunshots echoed inside his home. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of his death, while there are rumors that it has something to do with his prior criminal activity.

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