Vic Blends Net Worth, Age, Wiki: Interesting Journey of a Barber cum YouTuber

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vic blends net worth

Introduction to Vic Blends: The barber turns into an internet sensation

At twenty-three, Victor Fontanez Antonio, affectionately known as Vicblends, was born on 9th April 1999. Before TikTok entered his life, Vicblends made a living as a barber, honing his craft and pursuing his passion. Despite his tender age, Victor Fontanez has undeniably established himself as one of the most renowned celebrity barbers and business influencers of his time.

Vic’s unwavering enthusiasm for barbering inspired him to develop an online program to give him a competitive advantage in this rapidly changing field. His commitment to his craft and the story behind the significant amount of Vic Blends net worth is very inspirational.

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Vic Blends Net Worth and Salary

While the exact net worth of VicBlends remains undisclosed, NetWorthSpot leverages data to approximate it at $2.45 million. It’s important to note that this estimate is based on a single revenue source. Considering the multifaceted income streams commonly associated with YouTubers, there’s a possibility that Vic Blends net worth could surpass the $2.45 million mark. Some projections even suggest it could be as high as $3.42 million, considering various sources of income.”

What’s the scoop about VicBlends’ earnings is the burning question on the devoted fan base’s mind. Here’s the skinny: VicBlends earns an estimated $611.54 thousand yearly.

To further explain, the VicBlends YouTube channel receives a staggering 339.75 thousand views each day. When a channel is monetized with adverts, it receives payment for each thousand views of its videos. YouTube channels can make an average of $3 to $7 for every 1,000 video views. Calculating the data, we may conclude that VicBlends earns a respectable $611.54 thousand annually, or about $40.77 thousand each month.

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Vic Blends Early Life

Victor Antonio Fontanez had the good fortune to grow up in a happy home because of his caring parents. Victor was able to realize his goals thanks mainly to their constant support. Victor’s formative years undoubtedly played a massive role in the outstanding person he is today. At first, He started cutting hair as a high school student as a side job. Victor comes from a close-knit family of three siblings, and his father served in the military for a long time.

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His journey began in the humble setting of his mother’s garage, where he first started cutting hair. From those modest beginnings, Victor has transformed his side hustle into a globally recognized brand in the realm of celebrity barbers and business.

Vic Blends: Quick Facts

Real/Full NameVictor Fontanez Antonio
Date of Birth9th April 1999
Age24 (as of 2023)
ProfessionYouTuber, TikTok Star, and social media personality

Vic Blends Socials

Here it was, friends, the incredible journey of Vic Blends net worth. Browse to find more inspirational stories like this.


Did Vic Blends go to barber school?

Inspired by his passions, Vic Blends pursued a career in barbering after completing his education.

How old is Vic Blends?

He’s 24 years old as of 2023.

Where is Vic Blends from?

Vic Blends, a sensational internet figure and barber, hails from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

How tall is Vic Blends?

Vic Blends is 1.68 meters (5 feet, 6 inches) tall.

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