TraxNYC Owner Net Worth, Religion and Complete Bio: Who’s Maksud Agadjani?

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traxnyc owner net worth

Introduction to TraxNYC Owner Maksud Agadjani

Let’s have a chinwag about Maksud “Trax” Agadjani, the big cheese behind TraxNYC and Trax News. This fella’s got quite the following, with over 7 million folks keeping tabs on him on social media. He even tried acting, featuring in one of Adam Sandler’s flicks, “Gems Uncut.”

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So, what’s the craic with TraxNYC owner net worth? We’ll dive into his early days, his personal life, how he got his start, his day job, his career, the moolah he’s raking in, and just how deep his pockets go. Stick around for the whole shebang!

Quick facts

NameMaksud Agadjani
Also known asTrax
Date of BirthSeptember 13, 1986 (37 Years)
Place of BirthBaku, Azerbaijan
HeightAround 5 ft 11 Inches (1.80 Meters)
ProfessionBusinessman, Jeweler, YouTuber
FatherA Homicide Detective
MotherA Journalist
EthnicityAmerican White
Marital Statusin a Relationship
Net Worth$22 Million (2024)

TraxNYC Owner Net Worth: Details

Maksud Agadjani kicked off his professional journey more than 20 years ago with just a $750 ring and $1,500 digital camera, throwing in $120 in fees, and he sold it all on eBay. Talk about starting from scratch!

His journey just started right there. In 2003, he got the ball rolling on his own gig, TraxNYC, and fast forward to today; it’s one of the most dependable jewelry brands you can find in the Big Apple. And guess what? He’s the conqueror, serving as the President.

TraxNYC didn’t just stay on the street corner; it’s grown into a multi-store enterprise with a walloping 14,000 items in stock. Now, that’s what we call a glow-up! But Maksud didn’t get there by twiddling his thumbs. He borrowed $700,000 back in the day to expand his company.

His first colossal opportunity was a customer who splurged a cool $450,000 in his store. And after that, it’s been a parade of big spenders, including some A-list celebrities who dropped stacks like that without batting an eye.

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Luxury cars, check. A house worth millions, check. Blinged-out jewelry and watches worth thousands of dollars, double-check.

However, on one fateful day in October 2021, he found himself in a bit of a tight spot when some sticky fingers pinched jewelry worth $150,000 from him at a bar. But hey, the intelligent guy had everything insured, so he didn’t break a sweat.

And speaking of numbers, as of 2024, Maksud Agadjani’s net worth is estimated at a jaw-dropping $22 million. Most of that green comes straight from the success of TraxNYC, which is raking in a yearly revenue of $19.5 million.

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TraxNYC: Social Handles

With a staggering 2.94 million subscribers (as of January 2024), TraxNYC, a brand owned by Maksud Agadjani, is a big shot on YouTube. On Facebook, he has over 2.3 million followers and 1.2 million likes. On Instagram, he has over 1.3 million fans. Below are his social handles, if you wish to follow him.

TraxNYC Owner: Wife

Maksud Agadjani is keeping his relationship status under wraps for now. While rumors of a romantic connection have existed, he hasn’t spilled the beans on social media.

On another note, he’s rubbing shoulders with celebrities and has a good rapport with model, TV personality, and social media star Erica Mena.


Who owns TraxNYC?

Maksud Agadjani is the genius who founded TraxNYC, and word on the street is he is the owner, big boss, and all that.

Does TraxNYC sell real gold?

The gold bling you find at TraxNYC is on a whole other level. Of course, you get real gold with a price tag of just $350 and more!

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