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Tony Dokoupil’s remarkable journey in the media sphere unfolds as a compelling narrative of growth and influence. Beginning as a senior writer for Newsweek and The Daily Beast, Dokoupil transitioned to NBC News in 2013, leaving an indelible mark as a senior writer. His memoir, “The Last Pirate,” showcased his storytelling prowess in 2014. Joining MSNBC as a correspondent in 2015 and later moving to CBS News in 2016, Dokoupil’s commitment to journalistic exploration was evident.

The pinnacle came in 2019 when he was named co-anchor of CBS This Morning, and the show’s subsequent rebranding to CBS Mornings in 2021 solidified his enduring impact in the dynamic landscape of morning news.

Tony Dokoupil Salary

Tony Dokoupil makes an estimated $2 million Tony Dokoupil salary annually on CBS This Morning. His lucrative career in television has contributed to his net worth, which currently stands between $5 and $6 million. Tony Dokoupil has continuously demanded a hefty wage since entering the media profession in 2007, refuting any suggestion that he has faced financial difficulties during his career.

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Tony Dokoupil Now

  • On December 13, 2023 “CBS Mornings” co-hosts Tony Dokoupil and Nate Burleson search for the ideal Christmas tree in an effort to share holiday pleasure.
  • Tony Dokoupil, co-host of CBS Mornings, revealed on October 9 2023, that his ex-wife lives in Israel and that he has two children: “They’re Safe.”
  • Tony Dokoupil is a father of four kids and shares his proud fatherhood on the web, demonstrating a good bond with his family.
  • On December 15, 2023 Tony Dokoupil celebrated his birthday on his CBS office, he took his Instagram and said, “@gayleking and I are both December babies whose birthday parties always get lost in the holiday shuffle — but not this year! Thanks to the best colleagues on the planet. This was special.

Tony Dokoupil: Mariage And Family

Spouse: Katy Tur (MSNBC broadcast journalist)

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Marriage Date: October 2017


  • Teddy (Son)
  • Eloise (Daughter)
  • Tony Jr. (From a previous marriage, details undisclosed)
  • Tony Dokoupil had a previous marriage, and from that union, he has a daughter and a son named Tony Jr.

Tony Dokoupil: Early Life And Family Background

  • Birth Date: December 24, 1980
  • Birthplace: Connecticut, United States


  • Father: Anthony Edward Dokoupil (Involved in illicit drug activities, vanished when Tony was six)
  • Mother: Ann Dokoupil (Teacher, took full custody after the father’s disappearance)
  • Early Life Struggles: Tony’s father, a notorious drug dealer and smuggler, disappeared when Tony was six, and his mother, Ann Dokoupil, took full custody.

Tony Dokoupil: Degree And Qualification

Early Learning:

  • Started his educational journey at Gulliver School in Miami.

High School Years:

  • Moved to Maryland at the age of six and attended Severna Park High School.

Higher Education:

  • Pursued business studies at George Washington University, graduating at the top of his class.

Postgraduate Studies:

  • Furthered his education with a master’s degree in media studies from Columbia University.


What ethnicity is Tony Dokoupil?

Tony Dokoupil is descended from Czech ancestors.

Who does Tony Dokoupil work for?

Tony Dokoupil is an American Journalist and Co-Anchor @cbsmornings. His career in journalism has been helping him make a huge amount of money since 2007.

How old is Tony from CBS This Morning?

Just 3 days back on December 15, 2023 Tony celebrated his birthday and as of 2024 he became 42 years old.

Is Tony Dokoupil still on CBS morning news?

Yes, he renewed his contract with CBS and he’s the con anchor at CBS Mornings.

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