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tiff shuttlesworth wikipedia

In the realm of evangelism, certain individuals go beyond the confines of the pulpit to profoundly impact the lives of many. Tiff Shuttlesworth Wikipedia stands as one such figure whose journey in spreading the message of Christ has taken him on a diverse path, blending modern technology with traditional preaching. In this article, we will delve into the persona of Tiff Shuttlesworth, gaining insight into his beliefs, uncovering noteworthy facts that could be fitting for Wikipedia, and even catching a glimpse of his family life.

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Tiff Shuttlesworth Wikipedia

Tiff Shuttlesworth is no ordinary religious preacher; he is the driving force behind the Lost Lamb Association, an organization that carries his evangelistic message to various corners of the globe. His outreach goes beyond the confines of the pulpit, as he harnesses the power of employing new-day tech to extend his reach and impact even more people.

Born in Bangor, Maine, Tiff Shuttlesworth proudly hails from the United States. While the exact year of his birth isn’t explicitly mentioned, it is believed to be around 1958. As of 2023, Tiff is 65 years old, but his age hasn’t dimmed his energy or dedication to his mission.

He comes from a family of three siblings, with two younger brothers. Tiff Shuttlesworth’s influence has resonated with millions of individuals in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and many more. He is renowned not only as the founder of the Lost Lamb Association but also as a prominent evangelist and speaker.

Tiff Shuttlesworth: Net Worth

Tiff Shuttlesworth’s multifaceted career encompasses roles as the President of The Lost Lamb, preacher and musician. When it comes to his salary and income, concrete information about his financial details remains undisclosed. While some sources may speculate about his net worth, such estimates, which suggest a net worth of $5 million USD based on his successful presence on social media platforms, should be regarded as speculative. The true extent of his financial standing is known only to him and those within his inner circle and we’ll update as soon as we discover.

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Tiff Shuttlesworth: Socials

Tiff Shuttlesworth: Wife, Son and Daughter-in-Law

Tiff Shuttlesworth’s personal life reflects a heartwarming love story. He met his soulmate while studying at Bible College in 1979, he and Judy exchanged their vows in marriage. Their commitment to each other has stood the test of time, as they continue to enjoy a happy and enduring marriage. Tiff often expresses his love for his wife through affectionate captions on Instagram and X, sharing their journey with his followers.

His son was born during the 1980’s as he tweeted a heartwarming note on his 41st birthday on X.

Tiff recently took his Instagram and posted with a caption that “So proud of my daughter-in-law @BonaFideAdalis for harvesting her first deer! She made a perfect crossbow shot on this trophy 9 point Pennsylvania buck! She is like the son I never had.” It indicates that he has a good bond with his son and his family too.


Is Tiff Shuttlesworth Pentecostal?

Yes, and he even has a YouTube show named ‘Our Pentecostal Pillers.’

Is Tiff Shuttlesworth Baptist?

He’s precisely an evangelist.

Is Tiff Shuttlesworth related to Ted Shuttlesworth?

Yes, they are brothers as once Ted revealed on his FB post back in 2014.

Who is Tiff Shuttlesworth’s father?

Adalis Shuttlesworth is Tiff’s father who’s also a biblical preacher.

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