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tara setmayer husband

Who is Tara Setmayer husband? Who’s Marcelle Love? How’re they related? What does that guy do? Also what’s up with Tara and her partner? Let’s find out today. Scroll!

Dive into the dynamic world of Tara Setmayer! As the Senior Advisor for the Lincoln Project and the captivating host of LPTV’s “The Breakdown,” Tara brings political insights to life. A proud UVA Center for Politics Scholar (’23) and a distinguished Harvard IOP Fellow (’20), she’s not just a CNN alum but a passionate advocate for sanity in conservatism. Follow along for a blend of intellect, experience, and a touch of rebellion!

Tara Setmayer Husband

Tara Setmayer, 48, an American former political journalist for CNN, is married to Marcelle Love. Tara Setmayer husband and Tara tied the knot on September 4, 2013, in Sicily, Italy, and have enjoyed eight years of marriage.

Marcelle is the founder and CEO of London Royce Cricket apparel, headquartered in Alexandria VA.

Tara Setmayer Husband Profession

So, like, Marcelle Love, right? He’s, like, this super cool guy who does a bunch of stuff. He’s the big boss man, founder, and CEO of London Royce Cricket apparel. Also, he’s the brain behind Marcelle Love Neckwear, that fancy necktie thing, which he kicked off in April 2016.

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Tara Setmayer Husband Cricket Fanatic Gear Shop

Marcelle Love is calling all cricket superstars and passionate enthusiasts! London Royce Cricket has these awesome T-shirts where you can show off your cricket stats and feel all proud about your on-field glory. Limited stock, so don’t miss out, okay? Shop at www.londonroyce.com  now!

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Tara Setmayer Husband Beyond Cricket Gear Making

Marcelle’s not just into cricket, man. He’s the creative genius behind all the cool designs for London Royce Cricket. He’s all about defining greatness through modern luxury. You can check out his cricket gear and stuff at @londonroycecricket.

Tara Setmayer: Socials

Tara Setmayer Husband Education Journey

Marcelle did the school thing at Bell Vocational from ’91 to ’94, focusing on fashion design. Then, from ’94 to ’96, he did more school stuff at the University of the District Columbia. After that, he went to Ashworth College and got into electrical, electronic, and communications engineering. So, he’s got quite the education journey going on.

Tara Setmayer: What She’s Up to And Is She Planning for a Divorce?

Tara Setmayer has a healthy relationship be it with her hubby or her momma.

Curious fans clamored for more insight into their enchanting Christmas carol, and she delivered with a closer look at their Winter Wonderland! In this festive haven, Her mom takes charge of the Christmas village (their best one yet!), while hubby handles everything above her head and the outdoor decor. Meanwhile, the ever-relaxed Tiki takes a cozy catnap. From elaborate floral arrangements to meticulous placements, she orchestrates it all. The family room boasts a majestic real tree, standing tall at least 11 feet. It’s a labor of love, taking about a week to bring this magical spectacle to life. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!


What does Tara Setmayer do?

Tara Setmayer is now as of 2023 is the Senior Advisor for the Lincoln Project and the captivating host of LPTV’s “The Breakdown.”

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