Susan Deixler Net Worth: Balancing Privacy & Thriving Career

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susan deixler net worth

Born in 1945, Susan Deixler gained significant attention as the first wife of the renowned American singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, a popular sensation in the 1970s. Susan, raised on a farm in Tennessee with her father Al Deixler, and her mother Nettie Deixler. She entered into a high school romance with Manilow. They got married in 1964, shortly after her graduation at the age of 19.

Susan Deixler Net Worth & Daughters

Susan Deixler, a mother of two youngsters, is Susan Deixler net worth one million dollars. With the exception of her daughters’ professions as lawyers and musicians, she is a private individual.

Her children, Daniel, a successful builder and musician, and Pauline, an accomplished lawyer, indicate her financial stability and success in raising accomplished individuals.

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Susan Deixler: Love Story

The marriage was brief (1964-1966), Susan still appeared content. However in 1966, Manilow ended it, expressing a desire to get on with his artistic endeavors rather than marital responsibilities. Feeling betrayed, Deixler initiated the divorce, citing “fraud.” In hindsight, Manilow blamed his youth and irresponsibility for their divorce.

Susan Deixler: Profession & Life After Divorce

Following her divorce, Susan Deixler adopted a modest lifestyle, choosing to keep a low profile. Despite public curiosity about Manilow’s relationships, Deixler focused on her own journey. She went on to become a nurse and worked in California as a care manager.

Susan Deixler: Social Media

Susan Deixler: Career And Personal Life

Susan Deixler’s commitment to aiding others is evident in her long standing nursing career and traditional alternative medicine practices. Serving as a care manager for a nursing institution, she has played a crucial role in helping elderly individuals stay in their homes. Despite her career achievements, Deixler maintains a private life and chooses not to divulge details about her romantic relationships.

Susan Deixler: Relationships

Even after almost five decades, Deixler and Manilow continue to share a warm connection despite their past romantic involvement. When Manilow announced his plans to marry his longtime boyfriend Garry Kief. Deixler seemed happy about his authenticity. Their enduring friendship serves as a testament to their respectful and mature relationship following their divorce.

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Susan Deixler: Education

Susan received her education from Eastern District High School, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, United States

Susan Deixler: Ex In-Laws

  • Anna Keliher was the previous grandmother-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Edna Manilow was the former mother-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Annie Keliher was the former stepmother-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Joseph Manilow was the former grandfather-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Tim Keliher was Susan Deixler’s former half-brother-in-law.
  • Harold Keliher was the ex-father-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Esther Manilow is the former grandmother-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Harry Pincus is the former grandfather-in-law of Susan Deixler.
  • Rose Manilow is the aunt-in-law of Barry Manilow, the former spouse of Susan Deixler.


How long is Barry Manilow been with his partner?

Barry got married to Susan in 1964, and the union lasted up to 1966 in terms of marriage. And that’s just as short as 2 years.

Where did Barry Manilow go to college?

Barry Manilow went to The City College of New York. He later worked in the CBS mailroom to support himself while attending Juilliard and New York College of Music.

Did Susan Deixler remarry?

Susan never took another trip down the wedding aisle, but in 2014, the Copacabana star Barry Manilow got married to Garry Kief, his longtime partner and manager. They had been dating since 1978, and when same-sex weddings became legal in the USA, the couple decided to make it official.

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