Sketch Chapter 68 Release Date, Spoiler And Raw Scan Date

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Sketch Chapter 68 Release Date

Okay folks! We get the excitement building among Manhwa fans as Sketch Chapter 68 release date is on February 9, 2024! The unexpected twists and captivating storytelling format of this manhwa series are unmatched, isn’t it? That’s why we all literally completed the 67th chapter and we are moving ahead to 68th now. 

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For those manhwa-heads eager for more deets on the Sketch Chapter 68 release date, this article has it all. From the release date to spoilers and recaps, everything that’s necessary, we’ll provide it. 

Sketch Chapter 68 Release Date & Global Timings 

No more guesses or waiting for the Sketch Chapter 68 release date! It is scheduled for release on February 9, 2024. The anticipation is approaching, and every follower of this series now wants to learn more about it.

Patience! Patience! Patience! We believe in this keyword. It’s important to control your thirst so that you can actually enjoy the whole series. Imagine you get it all by now? Would you finish? Many Netflix heads complain that, now they have all the movies and shows but with such a plethora of choices, they don’t feel like watching things anymore. So, stay tuned with us, we’ll get you updated on the Sketch Chapter 68 release date and so on so that you never miss anything

The release times for the latest chapter are as follows:

China (CST): 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM

Japan (JST): 9:30 AM

India (IST): 11:00 AM

Australia (AEST): 1:00 PM

UK (GMT): 8:00 AM

USA (EST): 3:00 AM

USA (PST): 12:00 AM

Brazil (BRT): 2:00 PM

South Africa (SAST): 6:00 AM

Get ready for an exciting global release!

Read Sketch Chapter 68 Online

Catch yourself reading Sketch Chapter 68 on Lezhin Comics. It has a user-friendly experience. Be ready for another exciting and amazing chapter of Sketch. Discover more mangas and manhwas here.

Sketch Chapter 68: Spoilers

With the eagerness of Sketch Chapter 68 release date, fans showering their love with comments like “sketch gada obeng😭😭 gw pen banting hp terua kalo ni manhwa up”, “Kawaii” on TikTok, we understand the restless awaiting for spoilers. But, we’d suggest please wait a few days, and join the Manhwa community together on its official Sketch Chapter 68 release date on February 9, 2024.

Sketch Chapter 67: Recap

In the opening of the chapter, we were greeted by two adorable canvases, setting the scene for what was to come. Suddenly, a spirited girl entered, igniting the conversation with a burst of energy. “You’re feeling a bit lost, huh? That’s why you’ve come to me, the ultimate otaku expert,” she declared.

The boy hesitated, admitting the pressure of a looming deadline and his desire to approach the painting journey in true otaku fashion. “You’re worried about messing it up, right?” he confessed.

Our spirited companion found the artwork cringeworthy at first glance, but her keen eye detected a potential anime plot hidden within. Meanwhile, the boy sighed, weighed down by the ticking clock and unsure of which weeb theme to embrace.

Then, with a surge of inspiration, the girl offered words of encouragement. “Just let your feelings guide you. Don’t worry about the final result,” she chirped. And with that, Sketch Chapter 67 came to a close, leaving us eagerly awaiting the next installment, poised on the edge of our dakimakuras!

Stay tuned for more information on Sketch Chapter 68 release date, Sketch Chapter 68 spoilers, Sketch chapter 67 recap and more!


When is the Eastern time zone of Sketch Chapter 68’s release?

Readers in the USA’s Eastern Time Zone can start their day with the new chapter at 3:00 AM EST.

When is the release date for Sketch Chapter 68, and when can fans expect spoilers and raw scans?

Sketch Chapter 68 is scheduled for release on February 9, 2024. Fans eager for a sneak peek into spoilers and raw scans can wait two more days!

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