Simeon Panda Net Worth: Building Wealth Beyond the Gym

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simeon panda net worth

Meet Simeon Panda, the British bodybuilding sensation born on May 23, 1986, standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch. At 37, Panda is not just a bodybuilder; he’s a fitness model with a staggering substantial net worth. Join us as we unravel the financial and physical achievements of Simeon Panda.

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Simeon Panda Net Worth Case Study

Simeon Panda, the accomplished English bodybuilder and fitness model, has sculpted a remarkable Simeon Panda net worth of $2 million. Recognized globally for conquering Muscle Mania and securing the 2013 European Championship, Panda’s journey from weightlifting at 11 to owning “Just Lift” and “Elimin8” is awe-inspiring. As a Musclemania Pro, influential judge, and cover feature in esteemed fitness publications such as Muscle & Performance, MuscleMag and Train Mag Panda stands tall in both physique and financial success.

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Simeon Panda: Wife, Girlfriend, Gay & Kids

It’s a popular question among his fans, “Is Simeon Panda gay?” Well there’s no official news about his LGBTQIA+ identity. Anyway, you might want to check out what fans have to say about it. A redditor posted a picture of him and said, “Simeon Panda’s pecs looking like tits after a chest pump.”

But we have news for you.

Simeon Panda was seeing his longtime partner, Chanel Brown. They first crossed their path in 2012. They are now married. Chanel Panda is the current full name of Chanel Brown.

Chanel Brown’s full name is now Chanel Panda. She’s a wellness coach and has over 665k followers on her Instagram. Together the Panda couple has a beautiful daughter.

Simeon Panda: Social Media

Simeon Panda: Hobby, Instagram & Beyond Lifting

Simeon Panda, a luminary in the realms of fitness and lifestyle, commands an impressive 8.2 million followers on Instagram under the handle @simeonpanda. Hailing from Los Angeles, he is more than a bodybuilder—his life extends into the realms of health, wellness, and an undeniable passion for cars. As a proud ambassador for @innosupps, a brand echoing quality and trust with 272K followers, Simeon champions natural supplements endorsed by medical professionals. Carving his path at Gold’s Gym, he invites you to witness his journey and delve into a world of fitness through his YouTube channel at

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Simeon Panda: Early Life

Simeon Panda’s Background

  • Date of Birth: May 23, 1986
  • Birthplace: London, England
  • Siblings: Five – one sister and four brothers
  • Early Career: Worked for a software firm
  • Career Shift: Left job to focus on fitness and presenting classes
  • Student Days: Worked as a nightclub doorman

Simeon Panda: Career Overview

Get Simeon Panda’s Fitness Journey Like in Greentext!

  • Started lifting at age 16 to regain strength and size
  • Motivated by an impressive and strong friend in college
  • Began weight training and noticed rapid muscle growth
  • Follows a strict diet to maintain leanness throughout the year
  • Won European title championships in 2013
  • Holds Musclemania Pro status
  • Associated with bodybuilder and personal trainer Orry Mathews
  • Represents the “My Protein” brand for diet plans and supplements
  • Emphasizes the importance of effective dieting in bodybuilding


What age is Simeon Panda?

As of 2023, Simeon Panda is 37 years old. Why? Well, Simeon Panda was born on 28 May 1986.

Why is Simeon Panda famous?

Simeon has participated in bodybuilding competitions all around the globe, and in 2013, he won the European Championships and became a Musclemania Pro. That’s how he earned that popular tag.

Is Simeon Panda British?

Yes, he is British by nationality since he was born in London.

Is Simeon Panda a bodybuilder?

Yes, and Simeon has participated in international bodybuilding competitions.

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