Silas Duane Boston Daughter: Tragic 1978 Murder Case

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silas duane boston daughter

Silas Duane Boston’s life began on March 20, 1941, in California, USA, born to Russell Boston and Mary Sellers. With a father who had a criminal record, having once escaped from jail, and limited information about his family, Silas navigated a turbulent family history after his parents’ separation.

Silas Duane Boston Daughter, Sons

Silas Duane Boston had two sons, Vince and Russell E Boston. And there is no Silas Duane Boston daughter. The intricacies of his relationships with his children become apparent in light of criminal accusations and the challenging circumstances surrounding his marriages.

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Silas Duane Boston: Education

Information regarding Silas Duane Boston’s education is elusive. While there is a belief that he may have completed high school, this aspect of his life remains unverified, adding to the mystery surrounding him.

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Silas Duane Boston: A Sailor’s Descent into Darkness

Silas Duane Boston was like, living that sailor life at sea. But, you know, things got real dark when he got caught up in a web of crime. It’s like this shadow hung over him until he passed away in April 2017. Life’s a crazy journey, and it took a bit of a somber turn, you feel us?

Silas Duane Boston: Marital Strife And Family Tragedies

Silas Duane Boston’s love life? Talk about drama! His first wife, Mary Lou Boston, vanished back in 1968, and things got real dark with accusations of murder flying around. Then, he’s with Kathe, and she straight-up reported him for child stealing in 1979 after he grabbed their kid.

Silas Duane Boston’s Alleged Crimes: The Notorious 1978 Murders

Okay, so Silas Duane Boston? Yeah, he got kind of infamous ’cause it’s in the news that he might’ve been involved in those ’78 murders of Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton. Like, imagine, they were last seen on his boat with his two sons. Crazy, right? It’s like a real-life drama playing out. Their bodies were found off the shores in Guatemala. So wild how things went down.

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Silas Duane Boston’s Enduring Story: Legacy of Infamy/ Is Silas Alive?

So, like, even though Silas passed away in April 2017, his story is still this total buzz in the media, you know? Documentaries and stuff keep rolling out, and people just can’t stop talking about his alleged dark past. The internet is like this massive stage for all the discussions about his crazy life and what went down. It’s kind of wild how his legacy just keeps going, even after he’s not around anymore. Total drama, right?

A Son’s Perspective: Vince Boston’s Reflections

Vince Boston, Silas’s son, is spilling the tea on our family’s dark history. He’s giving us a peek into how Silas, his dad, was shaped by his own father, Russell Boston, into this whole serial killer thing. Vince is all about breaking down the destructive choices their family made and making it clear that there’s nothing glamorous about it. No room for romanticizing those acts, you know? Vince is all about taking a different path and working towards positive change. It’s like, goodbye to the drama, hello to a better vibe.


How old is Silas Duane?

Sadly, Silas Duane Boston’s journey reached its conclusion on April 24, 2017 at the age of 76 within the confines of a hospital. The chance for him to face trial for his heinous acts never materialized.

Is Silas Duane married?

Yes Silas got married twice in his lifetime. His last wife was Kathe.

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