Shayla Stevens Net Worth: A Cheerleader’s Path to Legal Triumph

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shayla stevens net worth

Shayla Stevens: Introduction

Shayla Stevens, a former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, initiated a lawsuit against Da Brat, also known as Shwantae Harris for a bottle-throwing incident that transpired a decade ago at Jermaine Dupri’s Studio 72 club in Atlanta. Despite a prior court order mandating Da Brat to remunerate Stevens an amount of $6.4 million, the debt remains unpaid to this day. With the accrual of interest over the years, Da Brat’s debt to Shayla Stevens net worth has now escalated to a staggering $7.8 million.

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Shayla Stevens Net Worth

According to TMZ, the former NFL cheerleader has become a millionaire! She is now 3.7 million dollars richer than before with a Shayla Stevens net worth of $1.7 million.

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Shayla Stevens: Education

Shayla Stevens, besides her stint as a Falcons cheerleader, is an actress, a dance choreographer, and notably a businesswoman. She earned her degree with Magna Laude honors from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Shayla Stevens: Socials

Shayla Stevens: Movies

Shayla Stevens has made her mark in the world of cinema with notable roles in ‘Curvaceous Arches’ (2002), ‘Sole Discovery’ (2001), and ‘You Know Too Much’ (2001) showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress.

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Shayla Stevens: Controversies

Shayla, who was all about aiming to be an actress and model, had big dreams of making a name for herself in the entertainment biz. But her dreams got crushed. She was supposed to be on the House of Payne TV show and had some other work lined up, but she missed out on all of it. Bummer, right?

In DeKalb County, Shawntae Harris was found guilty of serious assault. What’s more? ‘Three years in prison and seven years on probation, with 200 hours of community service,’ said the judge, Gail Flake. She needs to get some substance addiction therapy, a mental evaluation, and anger management classes.

Shayla wasn’t just satisfied with seeing the female rapper go behind bars; she took it a step further. In 2009, she filed a lawsuit, and guess what? Just recently, the jury ruled in her favor.

Shayla Stevens: Verdict

Stevens lately filed some paperwork over in California to try and move that judgment from Georgia. Now she can go after Da Brat’s stuff. Da Brat has been busting her tail to get her life back on track since she got out of the slammer. The rapper had some hard time, like three years in jail, all because of that whole incident.

The whole Shayla-Harris conflict went down at an ATL nightclub like seven years back, and poor Shayla ended up with six stitches for a nasty head wound. But here’s the scoop: today’s verdict declared the 39-year-old Harris responsible for causing Shayla some seriously permanent mental distress, messed-up brain stuff, and a face that’s scarred for keeps. Way to go, Shayla!


What is the net worth of Shayla Stevens?

Shayla Stevens net worth is approximately $1.7million dollars in 2023.

How did the Atlanta Falcons and Shayla Stevens connect?

Shayla Stevens used to be a cheerleader at Atlanta Falcons.

Did Shayla Stevens win against Da Bratt?

Yes, the verdict held Da Bratt aka Harris accountable for causing Shayla substantial lifelong mental pain, messed-up brain stuff, and so on.

Where is Shayla Stevens from?

Shayla Stevens is from Atlanta, U.S.

Where is the Atlanta Falcons stadium located?

The Atlanta Falcons stadium is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

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