Shawn Chartier Net Worth: The Entrepreneurial Genius

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shawn chartier net worth

Shawn Chartier is grateful for the privilege of establishing and becoming part of a substantial family of companies. Currently serving as a humble board member and mentor for these enterprises, Shawn consistently seeks new adventures in the business realm. What is Shawn Chartier net worth? Let’s find out.

Shawn Chartier Net Worth

Shawn Chartier net worth as of 2023 is $300 Million.

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Shawn Chartier: Education

Milwaukee School of Engineering (2004 – 2010): Shawn earned a Masters in Management, shaping his academic journey.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville (1997 – 2001): His Bachelor’s in Industrial Management, coupled with participation in the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, laid the foundation for Shawn’s academic and social development.

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Shawn Chartier: Business Organization

Founder – Team Stance (Jan 2014 – Present)

Shawn established Team Stance in 2014, an organization associated with Custom Offsets LLC. This venture unites enthusiasts through planned truck show meet-ups, an annual Team Stance Family ReUnion, and online interactions. The mission is to foster a community that explores the latest products, shares knowledge, and supports each other’s passion for unique and personalized builds. “Your Style, Your Stance!” is the driving motto of Team Stance.

Shawn Chartier: Socials

Shawn Chartier: Business Personal Objectives and Philanthropy

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Shawn Chartier is not only a founder and board member but also a mentor and catalyst for various companies. As a humble mentor and board member, Shawn continues to propel companies to new heights while fostering a sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

Shawn Chartier: Entrepreneurial Journey

Founder and Board Member – Custom Offsets (Nov 2020 – Present)

In Appleton, Wisconsin, Shawn is the founder and board member of Custom Offsets, a self-employed business. He has made contributions to this business’s expansion and improvement over the last three years.

Co-Founder and Board Member – ARKON Off-Road (May 2018 – Present)

Over the past five years, Shawn has served as a board member and co-founder of ARKON Off-Road, helping to shape the direction of this cutting-edge truck wheel company. ARKON OFF-ROAD is renowned for using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and wheel designs.

Board Member – SD Wheel Corp (Jan 2019 – Present)

Shawn serves on the board of SD Wheel Corp. in Baltavia, IL, where he is the Chief Marketing Officer. Shawn’s experience is beneficial to SD Wheel Corp, a global leader in sales of custom wheels and tires. The company claims to have over $300 million in lifetime sales.

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Board Member – Anthem Off-Road (Jan 2019 – Present)

As the owner and chief market officer of Anthem Off-Road, Shawn is an integral part of this multimillion-dollar custom truck wheel manufacturer. With its customer-focused approach, Anthem Off-Road redefines the industry while focusing on supporting American heroes.

Board Member – Fitment Industries (Jan 2017 – Present)

Shawn has served on the board of Fitment Industries, a cutting-edge aftermarket wheel fitment website, for nearly seven years. Under Shawn’s direction, Fitment Industries, positioned as the biggest in the world, provides wheel and tire packages at affordable costs that are delivered right to your door.


How does Shawn Chartier run his business?

Shawn’s influence extends beyond business boards; he has established himself as a key player in shaping the direction of the industry. Through his multifaceted roles and contributions, he embodies innovation, leadership, and community building.

Who is the CEO of custom offsets?

Shawn Chartier is the founder and board member.

Who owns the Custom Wheel Offset?

Shawn Chartier, the founder and CEO of Custom Offsets, left a six-figure position at a local healthcare organization to launch Custom Wheel Offset.

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