Robert Breedlove Net Worth, Bitcoin Firm and the Money Philosophy

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robert breedlove net worth

Introduction to Robert Breedlove

Robert Breedlove is the embodiment of a multifaceted American – he’s a savvy businessman, a thought-provoking author, and a deep thinker in the world of philosophy.

His passion for cryptocurrency led him to establish Parallax Digital, a financial and Bitcoin consulting powerhouse.

He’s a firm believer that Bitcoin is the ultimate form of money, unlocking a realm of freedom for those who adopt it.

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Robert Breedlove Net Worth

Speaking of numbers, as of 2023, Robert Breedlove is estimated to be cruising with a Robert Breedlove net worth of $5 million.

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Robert Breedlove: Bitcoin & Financial Consultancy Firm

Robert Breedlove is a true American entrepreneur, and after putting in the hours at various firms, he made the bold move to launch a company of his own.

In April 2017, he founded the Bitcoin consultancy firm, Parallax Digital, and took the helm as CEO. He was the driving force behind the business until November 2020.

Parallax Digital was more than just a company; it was a symbol of profound new perspectives ushered in by the oncoming digital era. It embodied the groundbreaking innovations of the internet and blockchain technology that were shaping the future.

Robert Breedlove: Socials

Robert Breedlove: Career

Robert Breedlove’s journey began in the heart of Tennessee, USA, where he was immersed in the teachings of Southern Baptist churches.

In 2008, he reached a significant milestone, earning a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Tennessee, and he didn’t stop there – he went on to secure a Masters in Accounting.

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Robert Breedlove: Ideals/Beliefs

This Tennessee native is a man on a mission. He’s dedicated to the cause of advancing the separation of the state and money within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Robert firmly believes that Bitcoin will be the torchbearer in guiding humanity towards complete freedom.

He’s not keeping these beliefs to himself – he’s taking them to the online stage with his YouTube channel’s podcast titled “What Is Money?” There, he delves into the shortcomings of the current financial system and how Bitcoin can be the solution.

Robert Breedlove: Early Life & Impacts Now

Robert Breedlove’s spiritual journey took an interesting turn. Although he was raised in a Christian family, it was only at the age of 33 that he truly embraced its teachings. This newfound connection with his faith led him to become a pioneer, blending traditional doctrines with forward-thinking ideas.

And now, he calls the sunny shores of Santa Monica, California, his home. It’s a story of personal growth and embracing new horizons in the city of endless possibilities.


Who is Robert Breedlove?

Robert Breedlove is a writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur who specializes in Bitcoin. Although he was raised in Tennessee and attended Southern Baptist churches, he was agnostic for the majority of his life.

Who is Robert Breedlove CEO?

At Parallax Digital, an event-driven hedge fund and digital securities consultant, Robert Breedlove serves as both the founder and CEO. Freedom is maximized.

What is money Robert Breedlove?

The question ‘What is Money?’ is the one that sends us down the metaphorical rabbit hole. The answer to this question is crucial to discovering the truth about the world. We shall follow this ‘rabbit’ in this series by having a variety of in-depth discussions with deep thinkers from various backgrounds.

Where did Robert Breedlove go to school?

Robert Breedlove went to the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business.

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