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ricky and lesly net worth

Ricky & Lesly Pranks is a popular YouTube channel hosted by the Dallas, Texas couple Lesly Soto and Ricky Miller. Together they have gathered Ricky And Lesly Net Worth of $1.5 million.

Their YouTube produces are mostly based on them tricking each other, difficulties, and weirdly cute vlogs and videos. They have two daughters, Sophie and Janeise, as well as a son, Greyson.

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Ricky & Lesly Pranks YouTube Ventures

As of 2023, this fascinating channel boasts an impressive subscriber count, crossing the 504,000 mark, and has garnered a whopping 47,290,447 views to date. With a daily influx of around 100,000 views from diverse sources, the content is grabbing attention far and wide. Now, let’s talk numbers – it’s estimated that the ads popping up in their videos are bringing in approximately $180 per day, which sums up to a tidy $66,000 annually. That’s not just views; that’s a serious revenue stream!

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Ricky Miller: Bio

Happy belated birthday to the man, the myth, the YouTube legend, Ricky Miller! Born on October 15, 1993, on a Friday in the great state of Texas, USA. This young man is now strutting into the prime of life at 30 years old. Sporting the Libra sun sign, he brings that charm and balance to the game. And if you’re into the whole birth flower vibe, Ricky’s got Calendula or Marigold repping his birth month. Cheers to another year of slaying, Ricky!

Ricky And Lesly Net Worth

As per the gospel of Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDb, and a bunch of verified online sources, our boy, the YouTube sensation Ricky Miller, is sitting pretty with a net worth ranging from $1 to $5 million. That’s some serious moolah for a young gun in the game. Hailing from the great state of TX, Ricky’s been raking in the green as a pro YouTube Star, living the dream and stacking those dollar bills.

Lesly Soto Net Worth 2023

Let’s spill the tea on Lesly Soto’s net worth. We mean, we’ve all seen her killing it on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, right? So, you know she’s raking in the dough. As of November 2023, word on the street is that Lesly’s estimated net worth is sitting pretty at a cool $1.5 million. Can we talk about goals? Keep slaying, Lesly!

Ricky Miller: Socials

Lesly Soto: Bio

Lesly Soto, born on January 18, 1996, in the good ol’ USA, is currently rocking 27 trips around the sun. Sporting the fiery vibes of a Leo, she brings that confident energy. And in case you didn’t already know, she proudly holds the nationality of the beautiful land of Madagascar.

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Ricky & Lesly Relationship

Lesly Soto is married to Ricky Miller, and the couple has three children together. They often share their humor and happiness through prank videos and other funny content on their YouTube channel, Instagram with 418 k followers and TikTok 4.2 M followers.


Where do Ricky and Lesly live?

Ricky and Lesly live in Dallas, Texas.

How much does Ricky and Lesly pranks make?

Well, the exact current amount made by Ricky and Lesly’s pranks haven’t been revealed yet. But their joint net worth stands somewhere between $2.5 million-$6.5million.

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