Ray Skillman Net Worth: Steering Success in the Auto Industry

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ray skillman net worth

Meet Ray Skillman from used car salesman to the founder of Skillman Automotive Group in Indianapolis, Ray Skillman’s career is a testament to transformative success. His precise expense management and conservative fiscal strategy catapulted the company’s sales to a staggering $800 million. Over the years, his net worth has mirrored the highs and lows of this remarkable ascent. Steering a legacy, Skillman’s automotive empire is not just about selling cars; it’s a testament to a strategic and financial triumph.

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Ray Skillman Net Worth Analysis

As of 2024, Ray Skillman net worth of $800 million, marking a 2% increase from the previous year. His financial ascent reflects strategic business acumen, turning Skillman Automotive Group into an automotive giant. The incremental growth in net worth, from $680 million in 2018 to $800 million in 2024, underscores Skillman’s enduring success in the competitive automotive industry.

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Ray Skillman: Early Life & Family

Birth and Origin:

  • Ray Skillman was born on September 13, 1941, in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Family Ties:

  • He is married to Ann Skillman.

Ray Skillman: Social Media

Ray Skillman: Education

Educational Milestone:

  • Skillman successfully graduated from high school in Kentucky.

Entrepreneurial Beginnings:

Following his high school graduation, he embarked on his first entrepreneurial venture in Owensboro.

Ray Skillman: Career Overview

Early Passion for Cars:

Ray Skillman developed a passion for cars during his early years in Owensboro, his hometown, purchasing his first car at the age of 16—a 1950 Ford Businessman Coupe. Notably, he modified the engine to a Chevrolet V-8.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

After graduation, he ventured into his first retail business, Skillman Auto Sales, specializing in used cars, operating from 1960 to 1979.

Expansion into Imports:

Around 1971, Skillman’s business vision led to the importation of models like the Fiat Spider, preceded by acquiring Fiat Merchandise. By 1974, he had acquired the Mazda Franchise.

Partnership and Growth:

In 1979, Skillman became a partner in Stuart-Skillman Automobile. Following Charlie Stuart’s passing, he acquired the company outright, marking the beginning of a 33-year ascent.

Despite the growth, Skillman remains actively engaged, personally visiting showrooms every day.

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Corporate Success and Reach

The company, with over 900 employees, stands as the largest local advertiser in Indianapolis.

An annual investment of over $13 million in digital marketing, social media, and television underscores the group’s commitment to modern advertising strategies.

Continuous Growth and Expansion

Ray Skillman emphasizes the company’s commitment to growth and expansion, with investments exceeding $10 million in dealership renovations across all franchised brands.

Skillman’s quote encapsulates the ongoing pursuit of these goals: “Growth and expansions are continuing goals here.”

So, this was the story of the automotive maestro, 82-year-old Ray Skillman of Greenwood! This auto dealership owner boasts a jaw-dropping classic car collection of around 200 vehicles, including iconic Indy 500 cars from the 1950s and 1960s.

Ranked No. 9 in Mecum Auctions, Skillman is all about the thrill of bidding, having splurged on cars exceeding $1 million.

Picture a 45,000-square-foot museum in Greenwood, open by appointment, showcasing not only cars but also bicycles, motorcycles, and neon signs.

Ray Skillman believes top-notch customer service is the key to his business success and the fuel that powers his empire.


Who is the owner of Ray Skillman?

It is widely reported that Bill Skillman is the owner of Ray Skillman.

How many locations does Ray Skillman have?

In 13 locations, Ray Skillman Automotive has 17 franchises. In the Indianapolis metropolitan area, it represents so many luxurious brands.

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