Raising Voyagers Net Worth: A Glimpse into Their Thrilling Adventures

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raising voyagers net worth

If you’ve ever wished for a life filled with travel, incredible experiences, and adventure, the Raising Voyagers family is a must-follow. This extraordinary family of travel journalists has carved a niche with their unparalleled adventurous lifestyle, captivating the hearts and eyes of viewers globally. Their YouTube channel boasts an impressive 274k+ family of subscribers, consistently delivering content that resonates with those seeking inspiration for a life on the move.

In today’s post, we’ll delve into the journey of Raising Voyagers net worth 2023 and more. And we’ll also cover the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

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Raising Voyagers Net Worth

As of November 2023, the adventurous and lively Raising Voyagers family, a group of avid travelers, boasts a commendable net worth of $166,443. Their financial success is chiefly attributed to the triumph of their YouTube channel. By engaging patreon and charging $3 from each member, coupled with YouTube ad revenue, the family has secured a significant portion of their wealth. In addition, their endeavors in travel blogging play a contributing role in bolstering their overall revenue.

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Raising Voyagers: Family

The two daughters, Chloe and Alexa, along with their father, Bradley and mom Heather make up the Raising Voyagers family of four. By going on trips and sharing their travelogs with their audience, they come together to form a vibrant and close-knit family that is committed to exploration and learning.

Raising Voyagers: Socials

Raising Voyagers: YouTube Ventures

Since its creation on November 21, 2018, the Raising Voyagers’ YouTube channel has evolved into a hub for thrill enthusiasts. Boasting over 274,000 subscribers and an extensive catalog of 240 videos as of November 2023, the family has successfully captivated their audience. The channel’s content covers a wide array of topics, including tourism, gadgets, vehicles, and lifestyle. Offering a glimpse into their thrilling and nomadic life, the channel has garnered an impressive 27,845,903 views as of November 17, 2023, showcasing the widespread appeal of their adventures.

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Raising Voyagers: Updates 2023

The most popular video on the Raising Voyagers channel in 2023 is titled ‘First Days On Our Property In the Italian Alps.’ This video has amassed over 711,370 views and garnered over 16,000 likes. The content features the family working collaboratively on the construction of a stone cabin in the scenic Italian Alps, providing viewers with an engaging glimpse into their early days on the property.

We Discovered a WATERFALL On Our Property’, this clip shows the Voyagers family exploring a waterfall on their land in the Italian Alps. They got so excited here and already made a plan to utilize the waterfall and plan to make a swimming pool.

Around 5 days back from today, they posted a video on their YouTube channel, with a caption “This week we finally finished a massive project on our stone house renovation that we have been working on for the last several months and now it’s time to move on! We are Heather, Bradey, Alexa and Chloe. We purchased an abandoned stone barn in the foothills of the Italian Alps and we are working together as a family to renovate and restore this old stone barn into our dream home.” So, they are in Italy again. From their Instagram we got to know they arrived in Italy on October 7, 2023.


Why did Raising Voyagers leave Italy?

They bought land in Scotland so Raising Voyagers had to leave Italy. They totally vlogged the whole journey on their YouTube.

How much did Raising Voyagers pay for their house?

Instead of disclosing it in the open, they released it on their Patreon platform, where users must pay $3 to find out the answer. However, we have you covered; we learned that the Voyagers paid 40,000 USD for it.

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