Profundis Chapter 62 Release Date, Spoiler & Where to Read

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Profundis Chapter 62 Release Date

Why don’t you just grab your popcorn, snacks or ice cream to know what next? You’d be the coolest one like knowing it all here! We have literally exciting plots along with the Profundis chapter 62 release date that will leave you breathless and going rolling on the floor laughing.

Remember to schedule you with a calendar clock and get your specks cleaned because Profundis Chapter 62 Release Date is coming out, and you know what? You’ll crave more and more!

Yes we know, there are too many delays but gladly officials finally have spoken out about the Profundis chapter 62 release date! Fans are waiting for it. So, we are here to give you the correct information about the Profundis chapter 62 release date!

Profundis Chapter 62 Release Date

The executives have said that the Profundis Chapter 62 release date will be February 13, 2024. It has been too long now the officials finally revealed something for real! Do you ask the time? Well, save it! The release time is at 8 p.m. KST.

Profundis Chapter 62: Spoiler

Sorry! Fam we don’t know any spoilers yet! But fans are saying a cat is one of his men LOL! But hey, that’s not bestiality, we meant!  And! Do you know the scene when he can actually touch his beloved and finally realizes he can touch! Ah! This thing makes us remember the song Touch by Daft Punk! Isn’t it? Get some Instagram reel.

Profundis Chapter 62: Spoiler And Raw Scan Release Date

As per our experience Raw Scan and Mostly Spoiler release usually 3–4 days before the official release. Profundis Chapter 62 release date is going to be on Feb 13, 2024. So we predict that Raw Scan Release and Chapter 62 Spoiler on Feb 10, 2024.

Profundis Chapter 61: Recap

Baek Yoogeun and his brother, who became courses and F-rank espers after their parents died in a bridge incident, join the chapter. Although other espers and courses seemed down on F-ranks, Baek Yoogeun is still faithful to his bro nevertheless. He recalls his brother losing it after spotting the same monster that caused the bridge disaster. Except for Woo Shinjae, who rescued Baek Yoogeun from his brother’s assault, he eliminated everyone else in the dungeon.

Baek Yoogeun finds himself sitting on Woo Shinjae’s bed as he snaps out of his hallucinations. He felt both anxious and stressed, wondering why Woo Shinjae brought him to his room. Despite his attempts to resist, Woo Shinjae holds him down and draws him near. Now that he is his guide, he assures he will never abandon him.

Baek Yoogeun was terrified but he still showed bravery, expressing that he hated his brother so much. He declares he wants nothing other than a healthy brotherhood. Baek Yoogeun’s intense hatred and reaction offended Woo Shinjae. Woo Shinjae said that he had all the offerings for his brother.

Where to Read Profundis Chapter Manhwa?

Profundis Chapter Manhwa is a popular manhwas from Korea. You can browse and read this famous manhwa unofficially on It’s available on You can find it for free online. Besides, there are many sources there online. 

About Profundis Chapter Manhwa

Three years back, Baek Yugeon and his bro faced a freaky anomaly attack, surviving while others perished. It gave him unique powers—his bro went full-on supernatural, while Yugeon became the “guide,” keeping things in check. When the anomaly resurfaces, bro’s on death’s doorstep, and only Woo Shinje, an S–class hotshot from Erewhon, can save him. But there’s a catch: Yugeon must lead Shinje’s crew, a ragtag team Including Joo Taein, Yoon Chan and Kwon Heesu. Despite Shinje’s smooth facade, his agenda becomes clear—he wants Yugeon to join him in facing the anomaly head-on, the source of all their woes. This event caused them to develop special abilities, with his brother gaining supernatural powers.

Where can I read Profundis online? 

You can read Profundis at MangaNelo.

When is the scheduled release date for Profundis chapter 156 in Eastern time? 

You can get it by 5 am EST on February 14, 2024.

When will I find raw scans of Profundis chapter 156? 

You can find raw scans by 11th February 2024. But please remember that there’s accountability in algorithmic copyright enforcement.

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