Paul Saladino Net Worth, Diet: His Secrets to a Healthy Life

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paul saladino net worth

Introduction to Paul Saladino

Dr. Paul Saladino, also known as CarnivoreMD, is a legit physician, American MD, author, YouTuber, business whiz and host. Paul Saladino net worth sitting pretty with a cool at $2 million in his pocket for the year 2023.

This guy’s the real deal – he’s not just any doc; he’s a Physician in Internal Medicine, a board-certified Nutrition Specialist in Clinical Nutrition. And when he’s not busy with all that, he’s out there exploring the world.

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Paul Saladino Net Worth & Why So LARGE?

Paul’s got quite the résumé – he has been in the game for over 15 years, rocking roles as a physician, doctor, host, author, TikToker, entrepreneur and YouTuber. That’s a whole lot of hustle in one package!

This guy has got some serious literary chops – he’s the mastermind behind not one but two books: ‘The Carnivore Code Cookbook’ and ‘The Carnivore Code.’ And when he’s not penning bestsellers, he’s the voice behind the Fundamental Health Podcast out in sunny San Diego, California.

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This doctor’s books are not just hot off the press – they’re smashing bestsellers on Amazon, racking up over 5,000 reviews between the two of them. And the best part? He’s selling them at $14 and $15 a pop, making some sweet royalties on every sale.

With his MD title and a few years under his belt, he’s pulling in a solid $175,000 a year in salaries. And you can’t overlook the power of his social media game – with over 2 million followers in his corner, it’s no wonder he’s rolling in the dough. As of 2023, Paul Saladino’s net worth is estimated at a cool $2 million.

Paul Saladino: Socials

Paul Saladino: Diet

The vegan scene just wasn’t his jam, but then he stumbled upon the carnivore diet while tuning in to Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan podcast. That’s when the magic happened – he started feeling like a million bucks, all energized, mentally sharp, and in tip-top shape. His secret recipe? Scarfing down a solid 175 to 200 grams of protein from a smorgasbord of goodies like liver, egg yolks, grass-fed meat, bison, fat, lamb, and dairy.

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Paul Saladino: Height, Weight & Sexuality

At the age of 46, this American guy is standing tall at an impressive 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters or 180 centimeters) and tipping the scales at around 75 kg (165 lbs). He’s a straight shooter, heading into his fifties, but he’s keeping things in top-notch shape with that physique of his.

Paul Saladino: Wife

Paul’s got the knack for keeping things close to the chest when it comes to his personal life. While he’s pretty tight-lipped about it, our detective work points to the fact that he’s riding solo in the marriage department.


Is Paul Saladino a practicing doctor?

He is a qualified practitioner of Functional Medicine and holds a board certification in psychiatry.

Does Paul Saladino eat fish?

No, he even recorded a podcast explaining why he chose not to eat fish, chicken, or pork.

How much liver does Paul Saladino eat a day?

Paul suggests consuming 0.5 ounces of liver daily, or 2-3 ounces every week. A few ounces of additional organs should be consumed each day; these include the brain, pancreas, kidney, heart, testicles, and bone marrow.

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