Pastor Tim Rogers Net Worth: A Soulful Symphony of Wealth and Worship

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pastor tim rogers net worth

Pastor Tim Rogers is a 41-year-old gospel music artist and Pastor known for his involvement in the gospel music scene. He is associated with “Tim Rogers & the Fellas” a gospel group that gained popularity for their energetic and soulful performances. Pastor Tim Rogers is known for his powerful singing voice and contributions to contemporary gospel music. His life is entirely of dedication and hard work that positively impacts the world. Read the article to learn more about Pastor Tim Rogers net worth, personal life, professional life, and teachings.

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Pastor Tim Rogers Net Worth

Pastor Tim Rogers net worth is projected to be around $1.1 million as of 2023. His primary sources of income are as a gospel singer and Pastor. He performs gospel music with the band Tim Rogers and the Fellas, which combines classic and contemporary styles. Other sources of income for him might be appearances as a speaker, gospel music sales, and church donations.

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Pastor Tim Rogers: Experiences and Credentials

Arkansas’s Blytheville is a little city where Timothy Rogers was born and brought up. His father was a bishop, and his mother was a prophetess. Both of his parents were well-known in the church. They visited the Blytheville Prince of Peace Church. Tim Rogers became the Pastor there for twelve years following his father’s death. Later, he founded The Hope Church to reach a larger audience.

He rose to fame with his gospel-fusion ensemble Tim Rogers & the Fellas. His upbringing was nondenominational, and theologians and Pastor Frank E. Ray were among his mentors. Assisting the younger generation in maintaining their religion is his aim.

Pastor Tim Rogers was married to Shireta Paulette Rogers, who supported and encouraged Pastor during his initial days. However, Shireta Paulette Rogers passed away at Baptist Health Hospital on May 9, 2023, following a brief illness.

Pastor Tim Rogers: Social Media

Pastor Tim Rogers: Professional Journey

Pastor Tim Rogers began his career after receiving a college degree. Initially, he struggled to follow his ambitions while working full-time in the clothing industry.

Tim Rogers & the Fellas was a gospel group that Tim Rogers founded in the early years. Tim’s family members, Brien, Terry, and Troy, were in this ensemble that combined traditional and contemporary gospel music. After receiving recognition, they signed with the Blackberry label owned by the Williams Brothers and released albums such as Change in 2009 and Real in 2012. In 2015, Tim Rogers also worked as Churchin’ with Pastor Tim Rogers.

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Pastor Tim Rogers: Wikipedia

Pastor Frank E. Ray of Memphis, Tennessee, was Pastor Rogers’ mentor and an excellent source for learning about religion. He emphasizes the need to preach in a way that makes sense and have a good understanding of the Bible.

The goal of Pastor Tim Rogers is to support the younger generation in maintaining their religious and spiritual ties. He is trying to get the church back on track since he believes it has strayed from its primary intent.

Pastor Tim Rogers has received several honours and commendations in various fields. His spirituality, entertainment, and human aid efforts have drawn attention and appreciation. He has been commended by notable individuals, including presidents, and holds degrees from prestigious colleges.


Who is Tim Rogers’s wife?

Pastor Tim Rogers’s wife is Shireta Paulette Rogers

What church does Tim Rogers pastor?

Tim Rogers is a pastor at The Hope church.

How many kids does Pastor Tim Rogers have?

Tim, Tiffany, Tierra, Timberly, Ti’one, Timara, Timya, and Tiffany are the seven children of Tim and Shireta Rogers.

How old is Tim Rogers, gospel singer?

Tim Rogers is 41 years old.

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