Pastor Mike Freeman Net Worth: Inspiring Journey of a Pastor

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pastor mike freeman net worth

At 61 years old as of 2023, Pastor Mike Freeman stands as a dedicated pastor, motivational speaker, and mentor hailing from Maryland, USA. His commitment to his calling runs deep, evident in his role as a 4th generation preacher. Pastor Freeman is more than just a spiritual guide; he is a passionate individual who finds joy in ministering to people globally. Whether connecting with individuals seeking a stronger relationship with God, Pastor Mike Freeman brings his wisdom, experience, and unwavering dedication to inspire and uplift those who cross his path.

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Pastor Mike Freeman Net Worth

Pastor Mike Freeman net worth as of 2023 is $950,000.

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Pastor Mike Freeman: Wiki-Bio

Meet Pastor Mike, or Michael A. Freeman, who grew up in the US. He first crossed paths with his future wife, Deloris (also known as DeeDee Freeman), at the young age of 16. Even though they both had a crush on each other from the start, they began as just friends. Mike, with the affectionate nickname Dee Dee, learned a lot about her and guided her toward Christianity. They started dating and eventually tied the knot in 1985. Early in their marriage, things were tough because Mike had strong, old-fashioned views, expecting Deloris to be very traditional, leading to frequent arguments between them.

Pastor Mike Freeman: Wife Deloris Freeman Works

Deloris Freeman founded the Women Walking in The Word fellowship, which aims to support women in realizing their potential as God’s chosen women in the world, in addition to co-pastoring their church with her husband.

In addition, DeeDee wrote the 2016 book Focus: It’s The Promise Not The Process That Matters.

Pastor Mike Freeman: Socials

Pastor Mike Freeman: Before Being a Pastor

Mike worked as an electrical inspector in Washington, D.C., and Dee Dee, his wife, began her career as a cosmetologist before they founded their own church. Early on in their relationship, Dee Dee’s higher income than Mike’s was a source of contention.

The Spirit of Faith Christian Center (SOFCC), located in Prince George and Howard Counties, Maryland, was established by the couple in 1993.

The church was small at first, but as it grew, it attracted members from all over the nation and various ethnic backgrounds.

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Pastor Mike Freeman Professions: Books & More

Apart from his role as a pastor, Mike went on to become a radio presenter and TV host. He hosts a show called Living By Faith, which has millions of listeners worldwide.

He authored a number of successful books, such as “God is a Pastor,” “Before the Storm: Pre-Storm Strategies,” “After the Storm: Post-Storm Living,” and “Marriage Made EZ in 31 Days.”

In addition, Pastor Mike and his spouse oversee the Spirit of Faith program, wherein they provide couples with six months of therapy prior to marriage.


How many children does Pastor Mike Freeman have?

Freeman’s adherence to Mark 11:24 is the reason for his success in both life and ministry. The SOFCC congregation is blessed and inspired by his relationship with his wife, DeeDee, and their three children, Brelyn, Joshua, and Brittney.

Who is Dr DeeDee Freeman?

Meet Dr. DeeDee Freeman, wife of Apostle Michael A. Freeman, who leads Spirit of Faith Christian Center. It’s a ministry all about Faith, Family, Finance, Fellowship, and Fitness. Dr. DeeDee is committed to this vision, working alongside her husband, the Senior Pastor and Founder, to bring these pillars to life.

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