Pastor Gregory Toussaint Net Worth: How a Dedicated Pastor Built a Modest Fortune

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pastor gregory toussaint net worth

The American YouTube channel, Gregory Toussaint Creole YT, has garnered a significant audience with more than 24.7K subscribers as of the current article. Launched on 15th July 2016, the channel has curated a collection of 221 uploaded videos till date. Notably, ten of Gregory Toussaint’s books have achieved best-selling status on Amazon, marking a notable accomplishment for the platform.

Pastor Gregory Toussaint net worth as of November 2023 is $35,645.

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Pastor Gregory Toussaint Net Worth

Pastor Gregory has been a part of many different churches across the United States on his religious journey. In the beginning, he spoke eloquently on the busy streets of New York City, sharing messages about the teachings of Jesus Christ. This early expression not only spread the divine message but also hinted at the future speeches he would give at various places. As of 2023, Gregory Toussaint’s net worth is reported to be $35,645. In just the last 30 days, he earned about $441 from his activities on YouTube.

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Pastor Gregory Toussaint: Socials

Pastor Gregory Toussaint: Kids, Wife & Goal

Pastor Gregory has two children and is married to Patricia Toussaint. He proudly describes himself as a dedicated husband and father on his Instagram bio. His life’s mission is to uplift and glorify God in every aspect of his journey.

Pastor Gregory Toussaint: Top 10 Trivia

  • Gregory Toussaint serves as the distinguished pastor of Tabernacle of Glory in Miami.
  • His teachings grace the ears of the congregation weekly in four languages: English, Creole, Spanish, and French, showcasing his remarkable linguistic prowess.
  • With academic laurels in Law, Theology, and Business, he embodies a versatile intellect.
  • Pastor Greg, also an accomplished Evangelist, orchestrates grand conferences and crusades globally.
  • In the realm of family, he shares matrimonial ties with Patricia Toussaint and is blessed with two children.
  • Beyond the pulpit, he is a prolific author, having penned over 30 books, including noteworthy titles such as “Jezebel Unveiled,” “Fruits of the Holy Spirit,” and “Thy Kingdom Come,” ten of which have earned the esteemed status of Amazon Best-sellers.
  • His ministry is characterized by a profound engagement with the supernatural, particularly in the realms of deliverance, prophecy, and healing.
  • Pastor Greg’s life mission is a regal endeavor—to radiate the glory of God wherever his journey takes him.
  • Committed to humanitarian endeavors, Pastor Greg extends his benevolence to Ghana, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.
  • Gregory Toussaint is the Senior pastor of Tabernacle of Glory in Miami.
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Pastor Gregory Toussaint: Latest Update 2023

On November 17, 2023, Gregor arrived in Itaja, Santa Catarina, as he announced on Instagram. He stated that people’s presence is the missing component to this great weekend, so embrace the supernatural in the heart of Brazil and join him and his ministry for the 3 Nights of Glory. “See you there!” he eagerly added.


How many languages does Gregory Toussaint know?

Well, Gregory Toussaint preaches in fluent English, French, Spanish and Creole.

How many books has Gregory Toussaint written?

Gregory Toussaint has written over 30 publications, including Jezebel Unveiled, Thy Kingdom Come, and Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Who is the wife of Gregory Toussaint?

Gregory Toussaint’s wife’s name is Patricia Toussaint.

Who owns

Gregory Toussaint is the founder of, a charitable NGO.

What is Pastor Gregory Toussaint net worth?

Pastor Gregory Toussaint’s net worth as of 2023 is $35,645.

What is Pastor Gregory Toussaint’s age?

He publicly didn’t say anything about his age, but he’s believed to be 27-35 years old.

Where is Pastor Gregory Toussaint’s church?

Gregor is the Senior Pastor of Tabernacle of Glory and the Founder and CEO of

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