Nancy Dufresne Net Worth: A Closer Look at Her Financial Success

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nancy dufresne net worth

Introduction to Nancy Dufresne

Nancy Dufresne is a seasoned pastor and spiritual leader and serves as the President of the religious organization Fresh Oil Fellowship. She has made a significant impact with over four decades of experience in her role.

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This article delves into various aspects of Nancy’s life, including her career, early years, personal life, books, and Nancy Dufresne net worth. Keep reading to learn about this remarkable individual.

NameNancy Dufresne
Also Known AsNancy Chapman
Date of BirthAugust 30, 1961 (62 Years)
Place of BirthSouthwest Oklahoma, United States
Height5 feet and 10 inches (1.77 Meters)
ProfessionPastor, Religious Speaker, Author, & the President
FatherMr. Chapman
MotherCarolyn Chapman
EducationGraduation in Piano Performance (Oral Roberts University)
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenTwo Sons
Net Worth$1 Million

Nancy Dufresne Net Worth Details

Nancy Dufresne’s estimated net worth is over $1 million in 2023. Primarily, she earned through her dedicated service to the work as a pastor, ministry, speaker and author. It’s important to note that this figure is based on estimations and may vary.

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Nancy Dufresne Authored Top 10 Books

  1. A Sound, Disciplined Mind
  2. Love: The Great Quest
  3. Visitation from God
  4. Answer It!
  5. Worship
  6. Peace: Living Free From Worry
  7. Responding to The Holy Spirit
  8. Victory Over Grief & Sorrow
  9. His Presence Shall Be My Dwelling Place
  10. The Greatness of God’s Power: Releasing The God’s Power For Daily Living

Nancy Dufresne: Residence

In 2015, Nancy acquired a new residence, Aimee’s Castle, situated on a hilltop in Lake Elsinore, California.

The exact purchase price of the property remains undisclosed. Still, it is known to have been a substantial investment, serving as a reward for the Dufresne family’s dedicated service to the ministry spanning over sixty years.

Nancy Dufresne: Socials

Nancy Dufresne: Family Background

During twenty-nine years of the blessed marriage, Nancy and her beloved husband Ed were graced with the gift of two wonderful sons, Stephen and Grant Dufresne.

As a mother, she was entrusted with the sacred duty of imparting the teachings of the Lord Jesus and the divine message of God to their children, nurturing their spirits and encouraging their service within His ministry.

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Nancy Dufresne: Qualification

Nancy embarked on her educational journey right here in our hometown of Oklahoma.

Afterwards, she ventured to Tulsa and pursued higher education, where her passion for music flourished. She proudly graduated with a degree in piano performance from Oral Roberts University.

During her time at Oral Roberts University, the Lord bestowed His grace upon her, and she was honored to be crowned Miss Oklahoma in 1982.


What happened to Nancy Dufresne’s husband?

In 2013, Dr. Ed perished in a terrible plane crash. At the time, he was in his 60s.

What is the net worth of Nancy Dufresne?

She is thought to be worth $1 million as of 2023. It is based on varying estimates.

Was Nancy Dufresne Miss America?

She won Miss Oklahoma in 1982 and finished second in the Miss America pageant in the same year.

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