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mike salinas net worth

In the world of drag racing, Mike Salinas is notable not only for his on-track prowess but also for the family business he established using scrap metal from San Jose’s streets. This is a story about tenacity, fortitude, and the unwavering influence of family in the fast lane.

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Mike Salinas Net Worth

Mike Salinas net worth as of November 2023 is $3 Million.

Please be aware that a person’s net worth can change over time as a result of a number of things, such as investments, business endeavors, and market conditions. Regarding Mike Salinas’s business and racing ventures, we recommend that you check reputable financial news sources such as our website, interviews, or the updated version of our post each month for the most accurate and up-to-date information on his net worth.

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Mike Salinas: Early Life

Salinas and his father loaded scrap metal barrel by barrel in the 1960s, working nonstop to make ends meet.

He was practically homeless at the age of fifteen, sleeping in a shed on the land where he currently operates Valley Services.

He began his career as a janitor and eventually built a family business, moving from scrap metal to garbage collection.

Mike Salinas: Socials

Mike Salinas: Career Challenges

Due to financial difficulties in the late 1990s, Salinas had to switch to garbage collection, and that resulted in a large loss of revenue.

Salinas emphasized the value of having a strong mindset while remaining upbeat in the face of difficulties.

Salinas, 40, decided to pursue his love of drag racing and launch a second career, and that’s how the family’s journey into the racing world began.

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Mike Salinas: Kids & Diversities

Jianna and Jasmine Salinas, the daughter of Mike Salinas, are now essential members of Scrappers Racing; Jasmine owns her team, while Jianna handles human relations.

Their path defies conventions; after first leaving the family company, Jasmine went back to work for the racing team.

The Salinas approach focuses on empowering each family member to follow their dreams, owning their journey, and questioning norms.

Stereotypes are challenged by the Salinas family’s diversity in the male-dominated world of drag racing.

Jianna and Jasmine emphasize the value of representation in motorsports by using their platform to motivate young girls of color.


Mike Salinas, flanked by his daughters, epitomizes the Salinas way: a drive to succeed and shatter boundaries. The Salinas family, who started out small with scrap metal, has established a legacy in drag racing by valuing perseverance, hard effort, and the conviction that nothing is impossible for someone who is determined enough.


How did Mike Salinas transition from scrap metal to drag racing?

Mike Salinas turned away from financial difficulties and entered the drag racing industry at the age of 40.

What role do Jasmine and Jianna Salinas sisters play in Scrappers Racing?

While Jianna oversees human relations and is ready to assume leadership of her racing team, Jasmine is the owner of her team.

How did the Salinas family navigate economic challenges in the late ’90s?

After switching from scrap metal to garbage collection, the Salinas managed to overcome a large income loss.

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