Mike Hollingshead SRM Net Worth: Charting his Astonishing Rise

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mike hollingshead srm net worth

SRM Concrete is a family-owned business that deals with ready-mix concrete and was established by Mike and Melissa Hollingshead in 1999. To fulfill their concrete requirements and due to unsatisfactory customer service from local ready-mix companies, Mike and Melissa initiated Smyrna Ready Mix (SRM).

What is Mike Hollingshead SRM net worth as of 2023? Let’s discuss all the acquisitions of Mike & Melissa SRM, net worth growth over the years and more trivia.

Despite having only three trucks and limited funds, they constructed a concrete plant on their property at 4500 Hickory Grove Road in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Within half a year of starting the company, other local concrete finishers began placing orders. Smyrna Ready Mix was established with the goal of delivering exceptional customer service, and through hard work and the grace of God, it prospered.

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While SRM continues to grow, its fundamental mission of providing unparalleled service and top-quality concrete to every customer remains unaltered.

The commitment and resolve of an exceptional team of Mixer Operators propel business expansion, enabling SRM Concrete to welcome more than 8,300 team members across nineteen counties in the US.

Mike Hollingshead SRM Net Worth

Mike Hollingshead Year WiseNet Worth
Mike Hollingshead Net Worth ’23$1.16 Million
Mike Hollingshead Net Worth ’22$1.04 Million
Mike Hollingshead Net Worth ’21$925 Thousand
Mike Hollingshead Net Worth ’20$809 Thousand
Mike Hollingshead Net Worth ’19$693 Thousand
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Mike Hollingshead: Wife & Kids

Mike and Melissa are married and have two boys, Ryan and Jeff. As the Chief Executive Officer of SRM Concrete, Jeff Hollingshead is in charge of a group of committed workers.

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Mike Hollingshead SRM: Acquisitions 2023

  1. Gilliam Trucking
  2. Suburban Materials
  3. Bryce Hill Inc.
  4. Sorrell Construction Services
  5. Liberty Redi Mix in Akron, OH
  6. Hollingshead Cement Opens Nashville Cement Terminal
  7. SRM opens new plant in Orlando, Florida.
  8. Eno Inc. Florida Division
  9. Germantown, OH Quarry
  10. Spring Hill Reclamation
  11. Cherokee Redi Mix
  12. Brown Brothers Sand
  13. Georgia Concrete Services
  14. HGE Concrete Supply
  15. Ocala Block Plant
  16. Texas Ready-Mix Assets from Vulcan Materials Company

Mike Hollingshead SRM: Income Source: Power Equipment

The company has accumulated over 400 pieces of heavy equipment through both growth and acquisitions.

SRM Concrete chooses to buy all of its equipment from Power Equipment’s Nashville office when it comes time to replace or add new units, demonstrating the dealership’s experience to a construction services company of SRM’s caliber.

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SRM primarily deals with primarily with brands such as Epiroc, Komatsu, and Sennebogen


Who owns Hollingshead Mixer company?

Melissa and Mike Hollingshead established SRM Concrete, a ready-mix business that is still family-run today, in 1999.

Who is the CEO of SRM Concrete?

As the Chief Executive Officer of SRM Concrete, Jeff Hollingshead is in charge of a group of committed workers. In his capacity as CEO, Jeff has created plans that provide the business a competitive edge by introducing novel procedures that are uncommon in the ready-mix sector.

What does SRM stand for concrete?

The primary purpose of this Standard Reference Material (SRM) is to assess techniques for analyzing cements and materials with comparable matrices. It is a blend of portland cement and limestone.

How old is Mike Hollingshead?

It’s widely reported that Mike is 61 years old as of 2023.

How about Mike Hollingshead’s books only?

Mike Hollingshead Books only: Adventures in Tornado Alley: The Storm Chasers.

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