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michael godard net worth

Michael Godard’s career started as a talented young artist, then he became totally popular across the globe. It absolutely reflects his passion , perseverance, and dedication for art. With a loving family and a flourishing career he continues to captivate art enthusiasts on planet earth with his unwavering commitment and exceptional creations to his craft.

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Michael Godard Net Worth Quick Overview

Michael Godard Net Worth: $4.2 million in 2024

Annual Income: $200,000.
Monthly Salary: $17,000.
Daily Wage: $560.

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Michael Godard Age And Height

  • Age: Born on October 3, 1960, making him 64 years old in 2024.
  • Height: To be updated soon
  • Birth place: Héricourt, France.

Michael Godard Career & Earnings Over the Years

Profession: Global Artist; Works at Michael Godard Art Gallery.

Popular as “The OLIVE guy,” Michael Godard is an eminent artist renowned for his whimsical and vibrant creations. He is the RAIDERS’ highly regarded art curator as well.

Income Breakup:
2024: $24 Million.
2023: $21 Million.
2022: $19 Million.
2021: $17.5 Million.

Michael Godard Social Media

Michael Godard Wife & Dating History

Relationship Status: Married to his wife, LeeAnn. The couple enjoys traveling together and thrive for their deep sense of adventure.

Michael Godard Educational Status

Education: Michael Godard received a good learning opportunity from home, graduating pre-kindergarten and high school. He was such a bright student that he earned a college degree while still in high school and later obtained a university diploma.

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Overview: Michael Godard Art Gallery enjoys a status-quo net worth of $24 million, showcasing success and steady growth over 13 years.

Yearly wise Net Worth:
2024: $24 Million.
2023: $21 Million.
2022: $19 Million.
2021: $17.5 Million.
Michael Godard Family And Childhood

Family Life:

Michael Godard cherishes his loving family and he had a childhood filled with support and love. He dedicates his artistic journey to the nurturing family vibes provided by his parents.

Relationship with LeeAnn Godard:

Marriage: Michael and LeeAnn Godard share a supportive and loving relationship, built on mutual admiration and understanding. LeeAnn’s committed support has been vital to Michael’s triumph as an artist.

Recently, one week ago from the day of writing this article, the couple was seen at Sheraton Waikiki Beach Resort. Michael posted a picture with LeeAnn, saying “In Hawaii with the love of my life. Nothing more beautiful than spending time with her ❤️🫒❤️”, showcasing their beautiful relationship. Fans showered with hearts in the comment section.


What rock band was Michael Godard in?

Godard worked for Double Platinum Rock Band Dishwalla to make the cover of their third album Opaline and their self-titled album in 2005.

Who is the artist that uses olives?

Goddard uses the themes of olives.

Why does Michael Goddard paint olives?

They show love, pain, success and conflict; making people laugh, smile, reminisce and exclaim, “Oh My God.. ard!” Olives comes into the picture when Michael Godard was struggling from his daughter Paige’s illness, spending lying in the bed in the hospital when she was in a coma.

Who is Michael Godard?

Michael Godard is the best selling artist in the USA.

Who is the painter of olives?

Michael Godard is the painter of olives.

How much are Michael Godard paintings worth?

You can buy yourself a Michael Godard painting within a range of $30 to $4250 dollars.

How old is Michael Godard?

Born in 1960, Michael is 64 years old as of 2024 October until next year.

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