Manny Mua Net Worth: YT Sensation to Lunar Beauty Founder

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manny mua net worth

Greetings everyone! Meet Manny, also known as MannyMua, a charismatic male beauty content creator! Can you believe there’s a niche for this? Oh, absolutely, darling, it exists!

He firmly stands by the idea that makeup transcends gender norms and defies any set rules. Manny exudes an exuberant, outgoing, and genuinely kind aura.

On his fabulous beauty platform, Manny imparts tutorials, shares favorite products, dives into tags, and dishes out the delightful chaos of his life. Join him on this wild YouTube journey and explore the vibrant universe of beauty. Together, let’s revel in the constant evolution and learning, because Manny is all about growing alongside his fabulous audience!

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Manny MUA Net Worth & Brief Bio

Manny MUA, the trailblazing American makeup artist, boasts an impressive Manny MUA net worth of $4 million.

Meet Manuel Gutierrez Jr., popularly known as Manny MUA, born on April 4, 1991, in the United States. A multifaceted talent, Manny is a celebrated makeup artist, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and blogger. Standing tall at 6 feet, he made history as Maybelline’s first male brand ambassador. As the founder of Lunar Beauty, Manny has carved a niche in the cosmetics industry. With a robust online presence boasting 4.85 million YouTube subscribers and millions of views, Manny MUA’s journey is a captivating blend of creativity and business success.

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Quick Info

  • Born: April 4, 1991
  • Birthplace: San Diego, California, USA
  • Nationality: American (Mexican descent)
  • Father: Manuel Gutierrez Sr.
  • Mother: Greka Gutierrez
  • Siblings: Nick, Aaron (Younger brothers)

Manny MUA: Social Media

Manny MUA: Education

Educational Background of Manuel Gutierrez Jr

  • Aspired to become a plastic surgeon
  • Planned to attend medical school
  • Graduated from high school
  • Earned a Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University

Manny MUA: Career

In 2018, Manny MUA started his makeup line called Lunar Beauty and launched the brand’s first eye shadow palette, Life’s a Drag.

Childhood Interest: Manny MUA’s passion for makeup sparked by watching his mother apply makeup in his childhood.

Career Beginnings: Started his career at Sephora and later worked at MAC, gaining valuable experience.

YouTube Channel: Launched his YouTube channel on July 17, 2014, featuring makeup tutorials and beauty tips.

Collaborations: Partnered with various brands, including Makeup Geek, Morphe Cosmetics, OFRA Cosmetics, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics, for product launches.

Brand Ambassador: Became Maybelline’s brand ambassador in 2017, the first male representative for the brand. Also, a spokesperson for Covergirl.

Entrepreneurship: In 2018, established his makeup line, Lunar Beauty, and released the brand’s inaugural eye shadow palette, “Life’s a Drag.”

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Manny MUA: Wife, Boyfriend, Gay: Relationship with Kyle

Many spread the rumor that Manny MUA is married to Patrick Star. Let us spill the beans here.

When the widely-adored beauty YouTuber Patrick Starrr unveiled a wedding snapshot alongside his fellow beauty luminary Manny Gutierrez, famed as Manny MUA, on Instagram, his colossal following of millions of fans was left utterly astounded. Unfortunately for the ardent enthusiasts sailing the Panny ship, the beauty maestros never exchanged vows.

He came out as gay, but in a QNA video he revealed that he’s not dating Kyle anymore. Watch here.


Is Manny Mua a real makeup artist?

Yes, born on April 4, 1991, Manny MUA, the artistic force, YouTuber extraordinaire, enterprising spirit, and esteemed beauty blogger, graces the beauty scene.

Who is the owner of Lunar cosmetics?

According to Lunar Beauty’s professional website Manny MUA owns it and he even gave up his medical career to start his make-up career.

How old is Manny Gutierrez?

Born in 1991,Manny is proudly 32 years old as of 2023.

Is Manny Mua the oldest child?

Yes, among his two siblings, Nick and Aaron Gutierrez, Manny MUA is the oldest.

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