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malcolm m j harris net worth

Did you know Malcolm is a motivational and successful teacher? Yes he is and Malcolm has consistently beaten the different odds to achieve ultimate success especially in the financial sector. Before We Discuss about Malcolm M J Harris net worth in details we’d like to tell you how he became a successful chairman. He owns and operates as the chief executive officer of Global Enterprises. He also oversees the operation for National Care Premiere, National Care Financial Service Group, and OmniBay. Not only that, his company partners with other companies in the entertainment and financial realm. That’s how he has amassed a substantial 12 million US dollars.

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Malcolm M J Harris Net Worth Income Streams

Malcolm MJ net worth is widely reported as 12 million US dollars.

Wealth Generation Ventures: Malcolm MJ Harris amassed his wealth through various ventures, including his speaking engagements and financial company.

MJ Harris Global Enterprises: Malcolm is the driving force behind MJ Harris Global Enterprises, overseeing entities such as National Care Financial Group, National Care Premiere Partners NA, OmniBay, and other companies in financial services and entertainment.

Published Book: Malcolm authored the book “Get The Fck Out Your Own Way: A Guide to Letting Go of the Sht that’s Holding You Back” under MJ Harris, with a focus on motivating, educating, and guiding individuals toward making better life decisions.

Financial and Entertainment Domains: His business acumen extends into both entertainment domains and financial services.

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Malcolm MJ Harris Career, Early Days & as Management Consutant

Homey Beginnings: Malcolm MJ Harris started his journey at his dining room table, showcasing a humble and relatable start.

Side Business Hustle: Transitioning from a side business, Malcolm forged his path. He has proven even small beginnings can lead to significant achievements.

Triumph over Trials: Through his digital presence, Malcolm shared his personal and financial struggles. He resonates with audiences and inspires many.

Management Consulting: Evolving into a Management Consultant for major firms, Malcolm brought his unique insights to the corporate world.

Global Impact: Malcolm’s narrative of overcoming challenges propelled his business into a multinational force in financial realms.

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Malcolm MJ Harris Social Media

Malcolm MJ Harris Quotes

Two of his famous quotes that we collected from his twitter and Instagram are;

“Being a people pleaser destroys your peace. It’s ok to disappoint people.”

“Procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another chance to do tomorrow what He gave you to do a chance today.”


What does Malcolm MJ Harris do for a living?

Malcolm MJ Harris is the CEO of an internationally recognized financial service company National Care Financial Group and motivational success teacher. He’s also a writer.

How much is Malcolm MJ Harris’s net worth?

Malcolm MJ Harri’s net worth is estimated to be 12 million US Dollars as of January, 2024.

Who is the owner of OmniBay?

Sameer Farouq Rattonsey, Peter Abraham, and Amin Vazir Rojani are the directors of OmniBay Private Limited. MJ Harris is the CEO and chairman of Omnibey.

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