Lookism Chapter 487 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, & Raw Scan

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Lookism Chapter 487 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 487 release date is here, senpai! This absolute gem of a Korean manhwa series is making a triumphant return, filled with more plot twists than a ninja doing somersaults on a Sakura-covered path!

Gear up, my fellow otaku heads, as we get up on a journey of jaw-dropping surprises and mind-bending storylines that will have you shouting “kawaii” and guess what? Don’t blame us if you find yourself rolling on the floor in uncontrollable anime giggles.

Lookism Chapter 487 is about to drop like a shinobi stealthily descending from the shadows! Get ready to experience an exciting ride as Lookism Chapter 487 release date is approaching! And we promise that it’ll leave you yearning for the next instalment like a tsundere longing for Senpai’s attention LMAO. Rejoice, for soon we’ll witness the unveiling of this new chapter, blessed by the anime gods themselves!

Lookism Chapter 487 Release Date

Normally, Lookism episodes arrive like clockwork, flawlessly executed like a ninja jutsu. But hold onto your seats, because prophecy has it that the next chapter, Lookism Chapter 487 release date is on Feb 08, 2024! 

Lookism Chapter 487 Release Date And Time Zones of Different Country 

New York, NY USA: 08:00 AM

Washington DC: 08:30 AM

Eastern Standard Time: 8 AM

Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM

Central Daylight Time: 11 AM

Eastern Daylight Time: 12 Noon

British Summer Time: 5 PM

Australian Eastern Time: 11:30 AM

Japan Standard Time: 9:30 PM

Korea Standard Time: 9:30 PM

Singapore Time: 11:30 PM

India Standard Time: 11:30 PM

Eastern European Summer Time: 3:30 AM

Lookism Chapter 487  Highlights

  • Kawaii Unveiling! Lookism Chapter 487 Premieres Officially on Feb 08, 2024!

Senpai alert! Lookism Chapter 487 officially graces our screens on Feb 08, 2024! Secret Scrolls Unveiled! Raw Scans and Spoilers Drop on Feb 05, 2024! 

Like unlocking the secrets of a forbidden jutsu, spoilers and raw scans of Lookism Chapter 487 sneakily reveal themselves on Feb 05, 2024! 

Lookism Chapter 487 Available on Webtoons App

  • Webtoons Magic! ‘Webtoons App’ – Your Gateway to Manhwa Wonderland!

Lookism Chapter 487: Spoiler

In the fabled Chapter 487 of Lookism, the narrative shall delve into the depths of Vin Jin’s history through the mystical art of flashback jutsu. This chapter shall illuminate his heroic ascent to becoming the supreme ruler of Cheonliang, unravelling the enigmatic ties that bind him to the mysterious Yuk. Behold, as Vin Jin unveils the secrets of his past – a sacrificial offering for the shaman and a guinea pig in a clandestine study! His physical prowess is now beyond mortal limits due to an alien substance.

Vin Jin and Yuk share an unbreakable connection and decide to team up forces against the malevolent shaman. 

Their noble quest: is to unveil the shaman’s misdeeds and free the unfortunate souls still trapped in his wicked schemes.

To enjoy the latest installment of  Lookism Chapter 487, Lookism Chapter, Lookism release date make sure to have your anime snacks ready and head over to the ‘Webtoons app.’

When is Lookism Chapter 487 set to release?

Lookism Chapter 487 is scheduled for release on February 8, 2024. Fans can expect an exciting continuation of the Korean manhwa series filled with unexpected twists and turns.

How can I access Lookism Chapter 487 on its release date?

Lookism Chapter 487 will officially premiere on February 8, 2024.

Where can I find raw scans and spoilers for Lookism Chapter 487?

Keep an eye out for unofficial sources and fan communities sharing these early glimpses.

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