Livingmybeststyle Divorce: More Interesting Facts About Katy Roach

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livingmybeststyle divorce

Introduction to Katy Roach

Yo, check it out, Katy Roach is straight-up Instagram royalty! Her style game? Casual chic, and those outfits? Next level AMAZING. This girl, she’s not just any Instagram model, she’s like the queen of the ‘gram. Popularity? Off the charts and still on the rise.

Her style is like, rich but laid-back, minimalistic vibes, you know? It’s all about keeping it cool and stylish, and her followers just can’t get enough.

We also do know she’s got a hubby, Jacob, and a little son named Cooper William. So, is livingmybeststyle divorce real? Let’s find out.

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Livingmybeststyle Divorce

Katy and her military man, Jake Roach, tied the knot, but in 2021, they decided to go their separate ways. It’s all good, though, ’cause they’re co-parenting their little dude, Cooper.

Alright, peeps, here’s the deal: we’re spilling the tea on Katy’s dating life and what went down with Jake. Now, as for the rumors swirling around about Katy and Jake splitting up even as friends, we can’t really confirm if it’s all legit.

So, let’s get our detective hats on and figure out what’s actually happening in her life, shall we?

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Whoa, you won’t believe this, but it seems Katy actually posted a story about their divorce at one point, but guess what? Poof, it’s gone now! Talk about a plot twist.

And check this out, she did a little spring cleaning on her Insta too – all those posts where she mentioned her ex-husband? Deleted. It’s like a social media reset button, wiping the slate clean.

Katy Roach: Objectives

Katy Roach, y’all, she’s a total fashion guru repping Dallas, Texas! Her brand is all about keeping it real and affordable, you know?

She believes in lifting up her fellow women, creating a space where everyone feels like they belong and can get inspired.

She’s like, “I’m just your regular girl, but I’m all about that success, style, and beauty.” She’s the real deal, spreading those good vibes and chic fashion tips.

Katy Roach: Socials

Katy Roach: DOB, Ethnicity & Place of Birth

Katy Roach, born right here in the good ol’ USA, making her a true-blue American citizen. She’s got that white ethnicity vibe going on, and she’s rocking it!

Born on August 26, 1989, that makes her 34 years old as of 2023. But, let us tell you, she’s a bit of a mystery gal.

Her education, childhood, parents, and siblings? All under wraps. She’s keeping her life on the down-low.

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Katy Roach & Pink Lily

Katy Roach just dropped her very own collection with one of her fave boutiques, and it’s like a dream come true, seriously! She’s over the moon grateful for this epic opportunity, and who wouldn’t be?

Pink Lily’s been her jam for years, and when Tori reached out and was like, “Let’s do this, girl,” Katy straight-up freaked out in 3D, no joke!


Who is Jake Roach?

Jake Roach is the ex-husband of Living My BEST Style founder Katy Roach.

What is the net worth of Katy Roach?

At the age of 34 in FY23, Instagram star Roach’s net worth is $5 million, according to Forbes and Wikipedia.

Why did Katy and Jake Roach Split up?

According to Katy’s most recent statement, Jake and Katy have relocated multiple times as a result of Jake’s military service and personal decisions. Perhaps they can’t accept that, so they decided to break up in order to adjust their careers.

What is the age of Katy Roach?

Born in the year of 1989, Katy Roach is just 34 years old.

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