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linda smith davis net worth

Linda is super passionate about New England’s old buildings, towns and just living life to the fullest, and it’s been a big part of her journey. She really wants to inspire others to figure out their own idea of cool living, whether it’s kind of simple or totally fancy – it’s a big theme for her.

Linda, who’s been doing her own thing for a long time, looks back to when she was a kid selling drawing magazines and flowers to sell door-to-door. Now that she’s grown up, she’s got skills as an event planner, lifestyle expert and interior designer. She ran a cool store and did interior design and event planning for, like, over 30 years.

Her dream of making those hand-drawn magazines when she was a kid finally happened in 2014 when she published the first New England Fine Living magazine.

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Linda Smith Davis Net Worth

Linda Smith Davis net worth as of November 26, 2023: $44,649

Linda Smith Davis, the visionary behind New England Fine Living, has cultivated an American YouTube channel with a substantial following of over 63.7K subscribers, a journey spanning 16 years, and a content repository comprising 313 videos.

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YouTube Earnings Breakdown

Video Categories: Hobby, Lifestyle and Food

Ever wondered about the monetary pulse of Linda Smith Davis – New England Fine Living’s YouTube channel? Here’s an estimate of the average earnings derived from advertising:

Daily: $101
Weekly: $709
Monthly: $3,073
Yearly: $36,876

Linda Smith: Socials

In the digital labyrinth, Linda Smith Davis offers a disclaimer on encountering hyperlinks. These links serve various purposes, from sharing source information to featuring items for sale, acting as affiliate links potentially earning a commission, or being sponsored links for which an advertising fee has been received.

Linda Smith Davis: Instagram

Linda Smith Davis extends a warm invitation to join her and like-minded individuals on a journey through four seasons of elevated living, irrespective of its simplicity or grandeur, transcending geographical boundaries. The realms of gardening, decorating, lifestyle, business and travel take center stage in her shared narrative.

Instagram Stats

Posts: 2,386
Followers: 55.9K
Following: 1,127

Linda Smith Davis: Postal Address

For correspondence, New England Fine Living can be reached at PO Box 96, Greenfield, NH 03047.

Linda Smith Davis: Marriage and Family Ties

In addition to being an entrepreneur and a committed wife to her closest friend Benjamin, Linda is a proud native of New England by birth as well as by choice. She also serves as the stepmother and mother of five adult children. Given the transient nature of life, Linda promotes living each day to the fullest by smiling and laughing.

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Linda Smith Davis: Accolades and Achievements

Achievements of Linda Smith Davis:

  1. The Massachusetts Retailers Award for Visual Merchandising
    · Category: Visual Merchandising Excellence
  2. Readers Choice Awards
    · Category: Public Preference and Approval
  3. Rotary International Award for Fundraising Event (Masquerade Balls)
    · Category: Event Planning and Fundraising Success

Media Recognition

  1. South Shore Living Magazine Feature
  2. Features on Radio Shows
  3. Salem Evening News Feature
  4. Various Features on Boston-based Television Stations
  5. North Shore Living Magazine Feature
  6. Success Magazine Feature
  7. GateHouse Media Feature
  8. Entrepreneur Magazine Feature

National Recognition

  1. Selection and Offer of Inclusion in Design Star
  2. Selection and Offer of Inclusion in HGTV Designer’s Challenge


How old is Linda Smith Davis?

According to popular websites, Linda Smith Davis is 48 years old as of 2023.

Are Linda Smith Davis recommended products good?

Yes, she has 63.7k subscribers on her YouTube for her quality recommendation.

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