Lauren Riihimaki Net Worth: Rise to YouTube Stardom and Wealth

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lauren riihimaki net worth

Lauren Riihimaki, born Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki, is a renowned Instagram personality and Canadian YouTuber. She has gained fame for her engaging content, primarily focused on beauty and fashion, which she shares on her widely recognized YouTube channel, LaurDIY. With millions of subscribers, brand collaboration like Fanta, Starbucks and more, what is Lauren Riihimaki net worth?

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Lauren Riihimaki Net Worth

As of 2023, Lauren has amassed an impressive net worth of over $3 million. Her financial success is attributed to a combination of ad revenue, brand endorsements, and her ventures in acting.

Lauren enjoys a lavish lifestyle and resides in a luxurious home in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. She also owns a Honda Fit, which she acquired in 2015. Her journey from humble beginnings to a thriving career is a testament to her hard work and dedication in the entertainment industry.

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Lauren Riihimaki: YT Ventures

While she didn’t particularly excel in academics during her younger years, Lauren Riihimaki held a strong desire to pursue a career in the creative field. Her journey began when she launched her YouTube channel, ‘LaurDIY,’ on December 2nd, 2011, while she was still in college.

Following her graduation, she delved into posting beauty and fashion content on her YouTube channel. Her videos resonated with the right audience, amassing an incredible amount of traffic. Over the years, she has evolved into a popular YouTuber with a substantial following of over 8.34 million subscribers.

In addition to her YouTube success, she’s also working on her own album, branching out into the realm of music. Her YouTube account boasts an impressive view count of 446,053,838, solidifying her status as a significant influencer in the online world.

Lauren Riihimaki: Husband, Boyfriend & Marital Status

Lauren Riihimaki’s one publicly disclosed relationship is with Jeremy Michael. She proudly showcases their love on Instagram, often sharing captions like ‘boo’d up.’ Their chemistry is undeniably adorable, as seen just 6 days ago on her Instagram. She appeared as a dazzling Barbiecore Pink Panther while her husband resembled the detective Mr. Holmes.

She even posted their engagement photos on her IG account, and the two looked absolutely lovely surrounded by vibrant red flowers. Their love story is a testament to the joy they bring to each other’s lives, and it’s a delight to witness their charming moments together on social media.

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Lauren Riihimaki: Socials

Lauren Riihimaki: Website

Riihimaki got her own website too, where she chats about her work in detail. Lauren’s been building her online presence for over 9 years, expanding into stationery, accessories, craft kits, and jewelry.


Are Lauren and Jeremy still together?

Yes and Lauren seems to be can’t get enough of her love Jeremy, her Instagram is all about puppies, him, friends and her!

How old is Lauren Riihimaki?

Born in 1993, Lauren Riihimaki is just 30 years old as of 2023.

Where is Lauren Riihimaki from?

Lauren Riihimaki is from Ontario, Canada.

Does Lauren Riihimaki speak Finnish?

As Lauren’s dad is Finnish, she considers herself as half Finnish and spoke Finnish in an interview according to Famouspeopletoday.

How tall is Lauren Riihimaki?

Lauren Riihimaki is 1.63 m tall which is exactly 5 feet 4 inches.

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