Laura Leboutillier Net Worth, Age, Wedding and Interesting Facts: From Garden to Gold

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Laura Leboutillier Net Worth

Introduction to Laura LeBoutillier

While Laura likely spends significant time making her garden videos, she also enjoys various other activities. Surprisingly, she has interests beyond gardening, including sewing and music, especially during the colder months. Her preferred composer for music is Brahms, adding a touch of art and culture to her diverse pursuits.

How Much is Laura Leboutillier worth?

Laura LeBoutillier is an internet sensation known for her gardening guidance videos alongside her husband Aaron. Their venture, Garden Answer, has garnered millions of followers in just five years. So, how much is Laura Leboutillier worth?

Laura’s estimated net worth is approximately $8.3 million, primarily derived from her successful online presence and gardening expertise. With over 5 million social media followers, her influence continues to grow.

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Laura Leboutillier Net Worth as of 2023

NameLaura LeBoutillier
Net Worth$8.3 Million
Monthly Income$52,000
Average 30 days view count175.3K
Income SourceBrand sponsorship, YouTube
ProfessionGardener, Youtuber

Gains in Laura LeBoutillier’s Net Worth Over the Years

  • $5,5 Million in 2019
  • $5.9 Million in 2020
  • $6.5 Million in 2021
  • $7.2 Million in 2022
  • $8.3 Million in 2023
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Aaron and Laura LeBoutillier Net Worth

Standing strong among the wealthiest couples in the world, Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier have amassed considerable wealth. Their dedication and talents have propelled them to new heights, and they’re destined for even greater recognition and accolades in the coming years. With diverse sources of income, they’ve ascended to the upper echelons of global fame. Aaron and Laura Leboutillier’s net worth is approximately $16 million. Laura LeBoutillier.

Laura LeBoutillier: Debut and Background

Laura LeBoutillier is indeed a prominent figure in the online gardening community. With a massive following of 4 million on Facebook and 1.81 million subscribers on YouTube, her influence in the gardening world continues to increase.

Laura and her husband Aaron call Eastern Oregon their home in Zone 6. Their family includes two children: Samantha, aged two and Benjamin, aged five. Laura is well-liked by gardeners because of her commitment to imparting her knowledge.

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Laura and Aaron LeBoutillier’s passion for gardening is seriously transmissible; since they began producing gardening content full-time in 2016, they’ve created up to six daily gardening videos on their eight-acre belongings.

Laura’s first and foremost objective is to encourage people to make the most of their gardens to experience the beauty and benefits of gardening.

Laura LeBoutillier: Socials

Laura LeBoutillier: Success Story

Laura LeBoutillier had experience working at her parents’ Eastern Oregon garden store, while Aaron LeBoutillier worked at a local cable company.

In June 2014, they boldly decided to dedicate time to their YouTube channel, Garden Answer.

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After their trial session, Proven Winners recognized their talent and hired Aaron and Laura to create videos for them. This partnership was a significant milestone in their journey to becoming prominent figures in gardening content creation.

You’ll be happy to hear that these aren’t your average infomercials or adverts. They make no mention of Proven Winners plants at all. Aaron and Laura are in charge of the video content, and their primary purpose is to promote and teach others about gardening using Laura’s skills and experience.


What is Laura LeBoutillier’s age?

Laura LeBoutillie turns 39 years old in 2023.

What is the name of Laura LeBoutillier’s husband?

Laura LeBoutillier’s husband is Aaron LeBoutillier.

Laura LeBoutillier’s political views?

She is a Democrat.

How much is Laura LeBoutillier worth?

Laura LeBoutillier has an estimated net worth of 8.3 million dollars.

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