Lance Chody Net Worth And Chody Real Estate Corp.

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lance chody net worth

Lance Chody is a giant business tycoon in the United States who operates his company, Chody Real Estate Corp. The hardworking nature and competitive thinking abilities of Lance Chody helped him gain popularity in the real estate sector. Lance Chody net worth has been increasing in millions ever since he stepped up into the market.

But he is not just your regular real estate guy. He’s a smart individual with cool thinking abilities. What’s special about it? Wel! He’s the guy who knows where to invest the money to achieve millions. His mindful decisions made him take total stakes in thriving businesses like Frango Chocolate Mints and Garrett Popcorn Shops.

Now, let’s take a closer look at his net worth, social life and professional career.

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Lance Chody Net Worth & Chody Real Estate Corp.

Objective: Over 30 years ago, Chody’s team of professionals set out to create lucrative real estate ventures and foster robust partnerships in the market.

Fostering Relationships: The company’s success lies in their relationships. Thriving in real estate development demands a blend of an understanding of corporate objectives, hands-on experience in municipal governance, and community aspirations. By nurturing these connections, they gain the insights needed to craft a brilliant vision. Collaboration paves the way to achieving their goals.

Lance Chody’s Success: As of 2024, Lance Chody net worth stands at an impressive $50 million.

Get in Touch: For inquiries and further information, visit CHODY REAL ESTATE CORP.

Address: 401 N.Michigan Ave | Suite 2400 | Chicago, IL 60611

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Lance Chody Quick Interesting Facts

  • Lance Chody was born in 1957 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Lance Chody celebrates his birthday on August 1st every year.
  • Lance Chody is primarily a real estate entrepreneur by profession.
  • Lance Chody is a married man. His wife is Megan Chody.
  • Lance Chody and his wife are parents to three kids who are Brett, Elle, and Hannah.
  • Lance Chody stands at a height of 175 cm (5 feet and 9 inches).
  • Chody contributes his wealth to many charitable organizations and distributes so much money in Australia to needy people.
  • Chody is the owner of Garrett Brands and Frango Chocolate Mints and he is now the CEO and Chairman of Garrett Brands.
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Lance Chody Career

Lance Chody is specialized in the Business administration field. During his graduation he got skilled with business ins and outs and he became an expert in entrepreneurship.

Lance has a background of huge family so from his early years he realized he has to be a committed and responsible person in his academics and what he does.

Lance Chody ventured his company in the real estate sector with the name Chody Real Estate Corp in 1980. Through hard work and smart motives he gets his success while working here.

But did you know that Lance Chody’s prominence and success is not just bound within the walls of the real estate market but beyond.

He is a business pioneer thanks to his two well-known ventures in the food and beverage sector: Garrett Popcorn stores and Frango Chocolate mints.


Who is Lance Chody?

Lance Chody is the CEO and founder of CHODY REAL ESTATE CORP.

Who is the owner of Garrett popcorn?

Lance Chody is the owner of Garrett popcorn.

Which countries have Garrett’s popcorn?

These following countries have Garrett’s popcorn;
– United States
– Japan
– Singapore
– United Arab Emirates
– South Korea
– Thailand
– Hong Kong
– Malaysia

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