Lacy Phillips Net Worth: A Manifestation Success Story

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lacy phillips net worth

Meet the awesome Lacy Phillips, the brains behind To Be Magnetic and a neural manifestation sensation! Dive into the magic of Neural Manifestation™ Workshops where neuroscience and psychology team up to make your dreams reality. No DMs, folks! Hit her up at [email protected].

You don’t want to miss out on her wisdom – she’s the cool host over at @expandedpodcast!

Lacy Phillips Net Worth & Career Endeavors

Lacy’s been rocking the podcast scene and dishing out manifestation advice for yonks, right? Clearly, she’s raking in a proper tidy sum with the way she rolls. Phillips is sitting on a cool Lacy Phillips net worth 1.7 million USD fortune!

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Our superstar is none other than Lacy Phillips – big shot manifestation guru and speaker in sunny Los Angeles. Back in 2019, her crew dropped The Pathway, this fancy subscription thing for online workshops. With her basic brain smarts, special vibe powers, and nerdy science know-how, Lacy cooked up her own cool manifestation recipe.

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Lacy Phillips: Age

In Merced, California, USA, on February 15, 1985, Lacy Phillips was born.

This year, she turned 38 and celebrated her birthday on the Mendocino Coast.

Lacy Phillips: Social Media

Lacy Phillips: Height

Lacy’s height is standard among American women. She is approximately five feet six inches tall, or 168 cm.

Lacy Phillips: Husband & Kids

Lacy Phillips is married to Max Kingery. Max serves as a co-creator of the fashion label Elder Sibling. He featured in an episode of the EXPANDED Podcast, narrating his triumph over dependency and initiation into the fashion industry in 2020.

Together they have a daughter named Theodora. Lacy’s father took his Instagram and shared the picture of her granddaughter with a caption, “Got to meet princess Theodora, better know as Teddy. She is beautiful! Great job Lacy and Max!! ” On April 17, grandpa Chris again posted Teddy’s picture celebrating her 2nd birthday.

Lacy Phillips: Early Life, Parents & Sister

Lacy was born to loving and hardworking parents and grew up in the USA. She holds an American nationality. Her mother is Linda Phillips and father is Chris Phillips. Her sister is Montana Phillips.

Lacy Phillips: Endeavors in Podcast

Lacy is the host of To Be MagneticTM’s EXPANDED Podcast. And there are more than 374k followers on that To Be Magnetic Instagram profile.

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Jessica Gill, the Director of show & Media at TBM, co-hosts the show. They go over things like reprogramming your subconscious mind, boundaries, shadow work, and healing your inner child.

Lacy Phillips: Education

Lacy Anne Phillips, a well-known advisor, has maintained the privacy of her educational background. Her highest level of education, according to sources, is a high school diploma. Anyway, we’ll keep you updated if we learn anything new about her job. Notably, however, her research is supported by psychology and neuroscience.


Who is Lacy Phillips of to be magnetic?

Lacy’s super cool podcaster and writer. This mega speaker and manifestation whizz over in Los Angeles. Proper clever, she is! Her trick for making things happen involves her vibe skills, basic brain stuff, and nerdy science bits. She’s the genius behind To Be Magnetic. Last year, her crew launched The Pathway, a slick subscription thingy for online workshops. And get this, she’s the one running The Expanded podcast too. Top stuff!

How old is Lacy Phillips?

Lacy Phillips was born in the year 1985 in Merced, USA. So, that makes her 38 years old as of 2023.

Is Lacy Phillips married?

Yes, Lacy is married to Max Kingery. And we verified it from the Instagram handle of Lacy’s dad Chris Phillips.

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