Koo And Patricia Yuen Net Worth: Captivating Tale of Gas Station Magnates

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koo and patricia yuen net worth

Koo and Patricia Yuen net worth as of 2023 is 22 Million US dollars. Koo’s humanitarian interests, including his financial support for PBS (Public Broadcast Service), have been made possible by the proceeds from his gas station business. They participate in the Church and donate to deserving organizations that advance society.

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Koo And Patricia Yuen Net Worth

As per a recent examination by both analysts and business insiders, it has been determined that the estimated net worth of Koo and Patricia Yuen exceeds several million dollars. The overall earnings for Koo and Patricia Yuen show a consistent daily growth, accompanied by an increasing level of popularity.

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YearNet Worth
2023$22 Million
2022$21 Million
2021$20.5 Million
2020$20 Million

Koo: Brief-Bio

Ever since Koo and his family departed Hong Kong in 1964, they’ve called the Washington, D.C. region home.

Growing up, Koo found inspiration from his tennis coach, Robert Johnson, Jr., whose father coached the legendary Arthur Ashe, and his music teacher, the renowned Roberta Flack, during his junior and high school years.

In 1998, when Koo relocated to the Bethesda Ward in Maryland, he found a spiritual home and was converted to the Church.

Born in Hong Kong and hailing from the ancestral village of Taishan, Guangdong, China, Koo’s journey has been shaped by diverse experiences and influential figures.

Koo and Patricia: Yuen Socials

Patricia Yuen: Brief-Wiki

As bookkeeper, Patricia Yuen has worked with Koo since their first gas station opened in 1973. After graduating from nursing school in Hong Kong, she went back to Maryland to earn her U.S. nursing license. When Patricia moved to the United States with her family in 1971 after leaving Hong Kong, she met Koo in Washington, D.C. Patricia completed her education in a Hong Kong Catholic girls’ school. She has five grandkids and two children, Stephanie and Mark, with Koo.

Koo And Patricia: Yuen Contact Details

For inquiries and communication with Koo and Patricia Yuen, the contact details are as follows:

Contact :

452 JRCB
Provo, UT 84602 USA

Phone: 801.422.6842

Fax: 801.422.0399

Email: [email protected]

Feel free to reach out through these contact channels for any relevant queries or information.

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Koo And Patricia: International Center for Law and Religion Studies

Established in the year 2000, the International Center for Law and Religion Studies operates within the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, a prominent private institution in the United States.

Aligned with one of the nation’s largest private universities, the Center is dedicated to its mission of “helping secure the blessings of religious liberty for all” through various channels such as networking, scholarly pursuits, law reform initiatives, and educational programs.

As an illustration of the Center’s commitment, Lydia Vergara stands out as one of the 2023 Summer Fellows sponsored by Koo and Patricia. Hailing from Alabama, she is a second-year law student at BYU Law School with aspirations to specialize in international, corporate, and immigration law, particularly focusing on clients engaged in biotech and tech industries.


Who are Koo and Patricia Yuen?

Since 1973, businessman Koo Yuen has owned and run gas stations. His charitable interests, which include giving to deserving causes to being involved in the church, better society and supporting Public Broadcast Service (PBS), have been made possible by this business.

What is the Yuen Foundation?

Located in Washington, DC, the Yuen charity is a private charity. The foundation mostly pays for programs and educational costs that are borne directly by organization managers.

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