Kirk Minihane Wife: A Glimpse at His Financial Success

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kirk minihane wife

Introduction to Kirk Minihane

Alright, folks, let’s turn up the heat a bit! We’re talking about the one and only Kirk Seamus Minihane, born on a spooky Halloween day in 1974 right there in Massachusetts, USA. He’s got that Scorpio fire, and as of today, he’s sizzling at 49 years young.

Now, let us tell you, this guy’s no small fry. Kirk’s got a radio gig over at WEEI Sports Radio that’s smoking, and his dedication to the craft has got everyone’s attention and also Kirk Minihane wife.

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Kirk Minihane Wife & Children

Since their time in college, Christine Ann McTigue has been Kirk Minihane’s college love. The two are married. Kirk has had Christine as a major supporter in both his professional and personal lives.

While Kirk shines in the media spotlight, Christine opts for a quieter, low-profile anonymous life, focusing on their family.

Together, they are proud parents to their two kids: Cate Minihane, a girl, and Harrison Minihane, a son.

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Kirk Minihane: Parents & Brothers

Kirk’s roots go back to his dear parents, Patricia M. Minihane and Peter Minihane. He’s got two brothers in the mix as well, named Ryan and Adam. The Minihane family was all about Christian beliefs, and Kirk was super close to his folks.

He probably dreamt of growing old alongside them, but in 2017, life threw him a curveball when he tragically lost both his parents to cancer.

Kirk Minihane: Socials

Kirk Minihane: Career Endeavors

Kirk Minihane’s journey in journalism reached remarkable heights after he completed his post-graduation phase. His career took off when he joined Entercom Sports’ WEEI in 2009, initially serving as a substitute and weekend host.

Kirk attracted a devoted following on WEEI with his bold, uncensored style, and those same devoted fans followed him to Barstool.

Kirk Minihane cemented his spot in the broadcasting industry by leaping to the position of third host alongside Callahan and Dennis, God bless his firm confidence and creative communication aura.

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Kirk Minihane: WEEI Controversies

In 2018, Minihane took two breaks from the WEEI morning show for his mental health. The first one happened in August when he went to Winchester Hospital because he was feeling really down and had some dark thoughts. After that, in the fall, he said he was ready to get back on the air, but he felt like the bosses kept him away from the microphone.

Kirk Minihane: Net Worth & Salary

Kirk Minihane, in the year 2023, has an estimated net worth of a whopping $1million to big ones. His primary moneymaker is his gig as a radio presenter and personality. But here’s the kicker – despite the green, he likes to keep things down-to-earth and leads a modest lifestyle. Money isn’t his main focus, and that’s pretty darn cool.

Kirk Minihane typically pulls in an average annual salary ranging from $24,292 to $72,507. However, you want to note that these figures align with the typical earnings for a journalist in the USA.


Where is Kirk Minihane now?

Kirk Minihane is currently based in New York and employed by Barstool Sports. His contracts are set to conclude on Saturday, June 15th, 2024. That’s the date to keep an eye on for any exciting developments in his career.

Who is barstool Kirk?

Kirk Minihane has taken on a new role as the host at Barstool Sports.

What happened to Kirk Minihane?

Kirk Minihane made headlines in 2018 after revealing that he had been hospitalized for ‘suicidal thoughts.’ The outspoken shock-jock, known for his presence on WEEI, candidly discussed his absence from the show.

What is the net worth of Kirk Minihane?

Kirk Minihane’s estimated net worth falls in the range of $1 million to $2 million.

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