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ken rideout net worth

Introduction to Ken Rideout

From a tender age, Rideout showed an entrepreneurial energy , showing his interest in investing, speaking, and running. Shared experiences and family trips gave him a sense of exploration and curiosity molding Rideout’s ambitions and values. Rideout has demonstrated remarkable talent and drive from his freshman year at Framingham State University to his current position as President of Camrock Advisors.

Ken Rideout net worth is valued at $5.6 millions as of January 2024.

He serves as a beacon of inspiration, not only through his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of success but also through the profound role of love in his personal journey. Guided by his parents’ invaluable teachings, he embraced the virtues of resilience, integrity, and hard work, shaping the very foundation of his character and life’s endeavors.

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Quick Facts:

  • Name: Ken Rideout
  • Nickname: Ken
  • Age: 51 years
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 5 ft 10 in/ 177 cm
  • Residence: Nashville, TN, USA
  • Weight: 78 kilograms/171 LBS

Ken Rideout Net Worth

  • Ken Rideout net worth is $5.6 million in 2024 so he experienced a nice flow of financial growth. It surely reflects impact and dedication in his fields.
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Ken Rideout Personal Life

Enjoys a loving relationship with wifey Shelby Rideout, emphasizing trust, mutual support and love. They are parents to four kids.

Ken Rideout Career in Brief

  • Started as Head of Business Development at The Palisades Group, LLC, fostering key partnerships and driving growth.
  • Currently serves as President of Camrock Advisors, contributing substantially to overall success and strategic development.
  • Co-Host of The Fight With Teddy Atlas Podcast, engaging viewers with valuable discussions in sports and beyond.
  • His core belief is consistency over everything.

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Ken Rideout Education

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Ken Rideout: Pursuit of Peak Performance

  • Morning Rituals: Ken’s unwavering commitment to daily runs, a key to his mental well-being and productivity.
  • Accountability: Sharing goals fuels Ken’s motivation, adding pressure to push through challenges.
  • Endurance Journey: From a 3:30 marathon to breaking limits, Ken exemplifies the power of mental strength and perseverance.
  • Family Dynamics: Ken’s upbringing, shaped by his parents’ early divorce, instills lessons on relationships and resilience.
  • Family Balance: Juggling career, training, and family, Ken prioritizes quality time with his four children, creating lasting memories.


Ken Rideout’s journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and passion both in his personal life and professional endeavors. With his inspirational story, Rideout captivates to motivate others to make their dreams real while emphasizing the significance of and fulfillment and integrity.


What does Ken Rideout do?

Ken Rideout is a professional runner and speaker.

Was Ken Rideout a boxer?

Yes, he’s a former boxer.

Is Ken Rideout A Vegan?

He mostly enjoys vegan food.

How a former boxer and opioid addict became the world’s best marathoner over 50?

He signed up for a recovery program and now he’s this famous. He believes in consistency.

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