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Meet Ken Goldin, the Founder & CEO of @goldinco, known for his exceptional role as the star of Netflix’s “King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch,” available for streaming now.

With an Instagram following of 160K, his username kengoldin is synonymous with a life dedicated to collecting cards. Ken, a lifelong card collector, is the driving force behind Goldin, a leading marketplace for collectibles, trading cards and memorabilia. Renowned for achieving record prices, Goldin ensures a seamless selling experience with detailed listings, third-party authentication, and worldwide shipping.

Ken’s passion for collectibles extends beyond business, reflecting his identity as a proud American and a devoted Christian from Voorhees, New Jersey.

Today we’ll not only give you a glimpse about his personal life like Ken Goldin family but also unheard details about his career. Keep paging!

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Ken Goldin Family

Marital Status:

  • Ken Goldin is married



Two daughters:

  • Laura Goldin, born on February 4, 2000 (23 years old)
  • Carleigh Goldin, 5 years old

One son:

Paul Goldin, born on August 7, 2013 ( 10 years old)

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Ken Goldin: Social Media

Ken Goldin: Education

Early Education:

  • Attended a private school for primary education
  • Enrolled in a prestigious junior school in New Jersey for secondary education

Higher Education:

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Successfully earned a bachelor’s degree

Post-Graduation Program:

  • Continued education with a postgraduate program in Business Administration and Management at Drexel University in 1987
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Ken Goldin: Smooth Career

Early Interest:

  • Born in New Jersey, Goldin’s passion for sports and collecting started young
  • Engaged in collecting baseball cards and autographs during childhood


  • Graduated from Ohio University

Career Start:

  • Initiated career in the sports memorabilia industry as a dealer and trader

Founding Score Board:

  • Established Score Board in 1989

Company Focus:

  • Specialized in producing sports cards and memorabilia

Industry Significance:

  • Rapidly became a significant player in the sports memorabilia industry

League Partnerships:

  • Expanded reach through acquisitions, securing rights to produce products for major sports leagues like NFL and NBA


How did Ken Goldin make his money?

Ken Goldin’s triumph in the sports memorabilia industry has resulted in the accumulation of a remarkable net worth. As the CEO of Goldin Auctions, his wealth has been generated through a profound understanding of the market. Goldin’s financial achievements, playing a significant role in reaching his current net worth of $50 million, serve as a testament to his dedication and business acumen.

How much did Goldin Auctions sell for?

As per reports from what Goldin told The Sun, Goldin Auctions experienced a remarkable surge in sales in 2022, surpassing $300 million. This marked a substantial increase of $200 million compared to the $101 million recorded in 2020. Noteworthy among his high-profile transactions were the sale of a Mike Trout rookie card for $3.93 million and a limited edition LeBron James card for $2.4 million.

Is Goldin Auctions still in business?

Yes, it’s still in business and recently they created an auction for Tom Braddy cards.

Who is the CEO of Goldin?

Ken Goldin is the CEO and Founder of Goldin Auction.

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