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kathrine herzer wiki

Introduction to Kathrine Herzer

Kathrine Herzer, born on January 17, 1997 hails from the United States. With a life path number 8, she has become a celebrated TV actress, renowned for her remarkable work in the world of television. In 2015, she stepped into the spotlight as the series regular Allison McCord in the CBS TV drama ‘Madam Secretary.’

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Kathrine Herzer Wiki

Kathrine Herzer wiki accomplished a significant milestone by graduating from high school in the spring of 2015. But the journey didn’t stop there.

She also dedicated her time to intern with former Vice President Al Gore for his climate reality project in the bustling hub of Washington, D.C., showing her commitment to important causes.

Kathrine Herzer is a true California native, having been born and raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. You can also connect with her on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on her journey.

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Born on January 17, 1997, she falls under the life path number 8, which brings its unique energy. Her personal year number in 2023 is 7, offering insights into her personal growth and experiences for the year

Her career has seen her shine in TV shows and movies, including “A Lot like Love” (2005) and “Madam Secretary” (2014).

Kathrine’s mother is the wonderful Manuela Herzer. Kathrine’s height stands at 5ft 3 (160cm), adding to her unique charm.

Kathrine Herzer Hobbies

Kathrine Herzer’s heart is truly set on acting, but there’s another passion that stirs her soul—traveling and exploring the diverse countries and cultures that our world has to offer. Her love for adventure has her eyeing a world tour, which promises to be both peaceful and exhilarating, a dream she’s eager to fulfill.

Kathrine has already set foot in numerous European countries, and she’s ventured into the enchanting realms of Asia, exploring places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Each journey has allowed her to bask in the mesmerizing beauty of our planet.

But that’s not all; in addition to her acting and globe-trotting endeavors, she has a taste for savoring the local cuisines of the countries she visits. Truly, a life filled with both art and exploration.

Kathrine Herzer Socials

Kathrine Herzer Personality Type

With Kathrine Herzer’s birthdate in January, she falls under the Capricorn zodiac sign. Her MBTI personality type is ESFJ, which stands for Extraverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Judging.

As an ESFJ, Kathrine exhibits a range of distinctive traits. Her strong communication skills and comfort in social settings align with the extraverted aspect of her personality. Her practicality and attention to detail reflect her sensing preference. And, being a Capricorn, she embodies characteristics like ambition, discipline, and a strong work ethic. It’s clear that she is hardworking and highly motivated to achieve her goals.

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Kathrine Herzer Life Path Number

In the realm of Numerology, individuals with a Life Path Number of 8 are often seen as natural and highly accomplished leaders. It’s worth noting that the second phase of the life path brings its fair share of challenges and difficulties. This year might pose various obstacles for Kathrine, particularly in her career.

Kathrine Herzer Net Worth

Kathrine Herzer, a talented TV actress, has graced the big screen in notable films like ‘The Tribes of Palos Verdes’ and ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment.’ With her successful career, she has accumulated a net worth of $1.9 Million.


How old is Kathrine Herzer?

Being a baby of 1997, as of 2023 Kathrine Herzer is 26 years old.

What is the net worth of Kathrine Herzer?

As per our latest updates, Katherine’s estimated net worth is $1.9 millions.

What is the zodiac sign of Kathrine Herzer?

Kathrine Herzer is a Capricorn, having been born on January 17.

What is the nationality of Kathrine Herzer?

She is an American by citizenship.

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