Josh Kiszka Net Worth: Success Story of a Rock Phenomenon

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josh kiszka net worth

Meet Joshua Michael Kiszka, the 27-year-old American singer, songwriter, and social media influencer who’s making waves in the rock scene. Renowned as the lead vocalist for Greta Van Fleet, his dynamic voice and songwriting prowess have earned accolades, including a Grammy for Best Rock Album. Beyond the stage, Kiszka’s creative touch extends to composing tracks like the iconic Safari Song for the Aquaman film, showcasing his multifaceted talents.

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Josh Kiszka Net Worth

Josh Kiszka’s endeavors in music, social media, and composition contribute to his impressive Josh Kiszka net worth of $2 million. With chart-topping hits and critical acclaim, Kiszka continues to amplify his wealth, making a significant mark in the music industry.

Source of Income: Music career

Revenue Streams: Live performances, Music album sales, streaming, brand endorsements and tours.

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Josh Kiszka: Early Life

Josh Kiszka’s date of birth to his life before fame all discussed in a clear chart below;

  • Date of Birth: April 23, 1996
  • Birthplace: Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA



  • Father: Kelly Kiszka (Professional musician and chemist)
  • Mother: Karen Kiszka (Former teacher)


  • Twin brother, Jake (Identical)
  • Brothers: Jake and Sam
  • Sister: Veronica

Early Exposure to Music:

  • Started singing from an early age thanks to his family for introducing him to music and instruments.
  • Raised in a musical environment.

Josh Kiszka: Social Media

Josh Kiszka: Education

High School: Frankenmuth High School

College: Enrolled at Delta College

Josh Kiszka: Career

Let’s discuss Josh Kiszka’s career in brief, from his band formation to Albums and Grammy nomination.

Greta Van Fleet Formation: 2012


  • Josh Kiszka
  • Jake Kiszka
  • Kyle Hauck
  • Sam Kiszka

Early Tracks:

  • “Cloud Train”
  • “Standing On”

Band Evolution:

  • Danny Wagner took over as the primary drummer.
  • Josh Kiszka transitioned to lead vocalist.

Record Label:

  • Signed with Lava Records in 2017.
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  • “From the Fire”
  • “Black Smoke Rising”

Singles (Josh Kiszka Vocals):

  • “Talk on the Street”
  • “Edge of Darkness”

Studio Albums

  • “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” (2018)

Grammy-nominated Album

  • “The Battle at Garden’s Gate” (2020).

Josh Kiszka Now

Greta Van Fleet’s Josh M. Kiszka, with 401K Instagram followers, reflects on a year of enchanting celebrations in the Starcatcher Soirée. Each night was unforgettable, yet it feels like they’ve just begun. With anticipation for 2024, he expresses gratitude for the shared love, awaiting a new year filled with introspection and connection with family and friends.


Is Josh Kiszka in a relationship?

Josh Kiszka from Greta Van Fleet has been in a “loving” same-sex relationship with Micah Cain for eight years.

In the midst of newly proposed legislation restricting LGTBQ+ rights in his home state of Tennessee, the rocker came out as homosexual on a Tuesday afternoon.

What happened to Josh Kiszka?

In an Instagram post, frontman Josh Kiszka revealed, he has suffered a ruptured eardrum, and upon further assessment, medical advice indicates a longer healing time than initially expected. Expressing disappointment, he added, He is saddened to make this announcement and cannot adequately convey his gratitude for the love and support received from fans every night.

Are Josh and Jake Kiszka twins?

Yes, they are twins, according to Wikipedia. Josh and Jake Kiszka, their younger brother Sam, and Kyle Hauck established the band in Frankenmuth, Michigan in 2012.

Is Greta Van Fleet still popular?

Yes the are! The recent hot: Joshua Kiszka’s winning American hard-rock group performed at Bologna’s Unipol Arena on November 30. The group will do a concert in Mantua before departing for Italy. With the “Starcatcher World Tour,” the trio has been selling out venues all around the world since the summer of 2023.

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