Jonny Hawkins Wife: An Amazing Tale of Music, Love, and Legalities

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Jonny’s roots run deep in the small-town charm of Sherwood, located in nearby Branch County. Growing up on a quaint farm, he often reminisces about his upbringing. He credits his mother, whom he fondly refers to as “his inspiration,” for shaping his artistic abilities and nurturing his creative spirit. She, too, was an artist known for her realistic paintings, often capturing the beauty of landscapes and wildlife. It’s like his early environment and his mom’s artistic vibes set the stage for his journey into the world of creativity.

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Jonny Hawkins Wife/Girlfriend: Incident Overview

So, like, there was this whole thing with Jonny Hawkins, the lead singer of Nothing More, right? He faced charges for this domestic incident with his then-partner, Kristin Gordon, back in December 2021. The security cams caught an argument, and it got intense – Gordon got thrown out of Hawkins’ truck and ended up getting run over by a rear wheel.

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Gordon went through some serious stuff – collapsed lung, broken spinal bones, and gnarly road rash. She had to be hospitalized. Hawkins owned up to “vehicular negligent driving,” and they dropped the “hit and run” charge. He got hit with a civil money judgment, 12 months probation, a fine, and community service.

Jonny Hawkins: Social Media

Jonny Hawkins: Nothing More Band’s Response

Nothing More had to bail on an upcoming tour, and they had Hawkins’ back on socials. They were all about saying one night doesn’t define a person, shouting out Hawkins’ accountability, and how he’s trying to make things right.

Hawkins’ Statement:

Jonny went all out on Instagram with a long statement, saying he’s taking responsibility, playing nice with the authorities, and stressing that this incident isn’t who he really is. He threw shade at misleading pics from Gordon and spilled about their failed attempts to fix things.

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Jonny Hawkins: Support And Context

The band vouched for Hawkins, saying he’s not a violent dude based on what they know. They even claimed they saw some physical abuse towards him in this recent relationship mess. Hawkins spilled the tea, saying they tried to save the relationship, but it was a lost cause. It’s like, they needed to set the record straight against all the twisted stories out there. Drama, drama, drama.


What happened to Jonny Hawkins?

Hawkins turned himself in, and police finally got him in custody on March 9, 2022. When he showed up in court on September 22, 2022, the accusations did a switcheroo.

What are the allegations against Johnny Hawkins?

According to a case report, Hawkins was first charged with “hit and run driving causing death or serious injury” and “vehicular negligent injuring.” On March 11th, 2022, he was freed on $10,000 bond.

Who was the original singer for Nothing More?

It is none other than Jonny Hawkins who was born in 1986 on October 28.

What are the injuries to Kristen Gordon?

Gordon was admitted to the hospital, according to the medical report, with a “fractured spinal bones, collapsed lung, and acute road rash.”

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